Having trouble placing or receiving calls or using your voicemail system on Ooma Telo VoIP Phones? Post your questions here.
#44512 by calvada11
Fri Jan 29, 2010 6:38 pm
Up until yesterday at about 5:30 pm incoming calls to the telo were displaying properly. Since then, all calls display as unknown. I have reset the system several times and it still displays as unknown. We have a telo handset, plus 2 sets of cordless phones and they all display inbound calls as unknown. In the call log it also displays as unknown. Anyone else experience this problem?
#44551 by bryanlyle
Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:44 am
Do you have your landline integrated with your Telo?

If so, you have to have caller-id service from your local telephone company for it to work.
#44570 by calvada11
Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:54 am
Yes I kept the landline integrated, but recently downgraded to the minimum service, removing those features. If this is in fact the cause, the good folks at ooma should make this very clear in their documentation. But I have yet to discover any mention of this anywhere on the ooma website. They seem to have some customer service issues that are not encouraging for good word of mouth promotion.
#44575 by murphy
Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:40 am
There is no way that Ooma can provide caller ID for a call that is coming in over your land line if the land line doesn't have caller ID service provisioned on it.

With an integrated land line you are supposed to have Ooma provision your land line for you with Call Forward on Busy. There will be a monthly charge for CFB from your land line company. You can't do the provisioning yourself since you don't know what the secret phone number is that it gets forwarded to.

An alternative, which I amd many others recommend, is to not integrate your land line.
I have a Verizon land line with no extra services at all. It is not connected to Ooma and no one else knows what the phone number is. I don't accept incoming calls on it, they go straight to an answering machine with a voice message saying that no one will ever answer that phone. It is used for my alarm system and gives me 911 service in the event of a power failure.

I ported my long standing phone number to Ooma and use that number for all calls.
#44619 by calvada11
Sat Jan 30, 2010 12:13 pm
I have restored the caller ID function to my integrated phone line and caller ID now displays through ooma. And I did find the one sentence that explains all of this in the ooma hub manual. My complaint is that this, and I am sure other features in which landline integration is an issue, should be part of the ooma knowledge base. This is a major frustration item for me in the one week that I have had ooma. Key information is very difficult to find and often is spread across many different sources. This is not the way to garner customer satisfaction. If you need help, then a FAQ or Knowledge Base should provide those answers. No wonder the phone support is swamped with calls. I hope they remedy this or ooma is not going to grow as it should. Because this is an excellent alternative to the major phone carriers and their high prices.

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