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#39677 by endodude
Fri Jan 01, 2010 9:35 am
I have 2 OOMA devices. One older ooma box and the new Telo. There does NOT seem to be a problem with the devices. Both work fine. But I do have a problem with call forwarding/Multiring. I've tested land lines, mobile lines and other VOIP lines and call forwarding with multiring works with these lines BUT NOT WITH THE OOMA LINE. So I'm thinking the set up from my premier account is OK but there is a problem with routing of calls through OOMA with calls that originate from OOMA. Multiring doesn't work. The OOMA device being called rings, but the multiring/call forwarding doesn't happen ONLY with another OOMA device originates the all!

Does anyone know why OOMA originated calls may not call forward/Multiring when placed to another OOMA device? The OOMA device being called rings, but no forwarding!

Joey D

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