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#1888 by KKat79
Sat Jan 10, 2009 7:40 pm
My number just ported (everything was working fine before that) and now I am getting the fast busy signal on my main ooma device when I try to call out (any number, local, long distance, and have tried all combos of 1+ten digits, ten digits, seven digits). However, the phones that are connected to my Scout device work just fine. Aargh! Also, my phone that is connected to the main ooma does not ring, but I can hear the voicemails being left. If I hear my other Scout-connected phone ring, I can pick up incoming calls on my main device phone, though.

I have double-checked all of the connections with the phone, but obviously the phone is working fine as I can answer incoming calls even though it doesn't ring. The phone jack is also fine, as my Scout device is working through the home phone wiring. Is this something messed up with the main ooma terminal itself? Is there any way to fix or reset this?

Still awaiting an answer from tech support.
#2005 by rcacace
Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:32 pm
I hope you aren't still having that problem, but I did encounter it the other day. I came home and found the primary number flashing rapidly and if I picked up the phone to dial out the secondary line came on.

I found the solution by accident. I turned on my phone and pressed the Flash button to force it to switch to the primary line. Then I hung up and viola, everything was back to normal!

There was no apparent reason for the problem. I ported my number over weeks ago and there didn't seem to be any loss of power or Internet. Hopefully that'll be a rare problem.

Now if they could just fix the occasional echo....

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