Having trouble placing or receiving calls or using your voicemail system on Ooma Telo VoIP Phones? Post your questions here.
#33513 by rcrowe
Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:03 pm
Just purchased a Motorola Droid and cannot retrieve messages remotely thus rendering Ooma unusable:
1. Difficult to press #1 before the call goes to message.
2. When I call my number to get the message, Ooma won't respond to *
3. When I go to the website on my Droid, I can't hear it as there is no Adobe flash for this unit.
#33517 by Dante R
Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:36 pm
I also have a Droid.

1. Pressing 1 will be a toggle sometime in the near future.
2. I am able to check my VM remotely fine so not sure what the issue is there.
3. Not much we can do about Droid not supporting flash until Jan. 2010. However you can still download the messages and play them rather then using the embedded player.

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