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#21774 by btle310
Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:51 am
I am new to ooma and right now we have our landline forwarded to the ooma number so we can try everything out.

When people are calling and we are on the phone we don't get the call waiting beep and people say the line is busy.

I guess this is becasue they are calling the forwarded landline (it is not going throught the ooma box)so I had my wife call out and then I called the ooma nmber she said she got a beep but the caller id didn't show up on the phone.

Should the caller id show up? If so is there anything I need to change?
#21775 by hpepper
Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:54 am
What brand and model phone are you using? My wired caller ID phone has caller ID when you call it, but is not Caller ID capable for Call-Waiting calls.

However my Uniden cordless phone does have this capability and it works just fine for a Call-Waiting call.
#32837 by Zindar
Wed Nov 11, 2009 7:37 pm
I'd like to know how this works too, as I've never had call waiting.

I have the ooma hub + scout, but I'm in the 60 day period where I get premier. I'm considering not subscribing to premier when the 60 days ends, and I'd like to know what will happen when a second caller calls and I don't have premier.

I do have a landline, but it's not integrated with ooma (i.e I have separate phone number for my ooma), so if somebody were to call my landline, it won't go through my hub at all. (In fact, I have an answering machine on one of my original phone wall ports that gives those callers a message that I'm no longer monitoring my old number, and "Here's my number"). (I only kept my landline because it's required by my DSL service, otherwise I'd get rid of it.)

Right now, when a second call comes in to my ooma phone number apparently all the phones except the phone I'm talking to rings when I'm on the phone, and my wife could answer one of those phones, and then we'd have two independent simultaneous conversations going on. I'm pretty sure that's a feature that will go away if/when I lose premier.

But is it true that the basic free service (no premier) includes call waiting? And if so, how does that work? Will I hear a beeping on my line to indicate a second caller is trying to call? And no other phones in my house will ring like they do now? Will the second caller will hear a ringing on his end? And what if I don't hit the flash button on my phone (which I assume is the method of switching to the other call)? Will they eventually go to voicemail? If so, after how many rings (on their end)? Is the number of rings customizable by me? Or will it just beep and beep until they give up and hang up, or I flash over to them, whichever happens first?

Also, will my caller ID tell me who the second caller is? And it sounds like I read elsewhere on this forum that I have the option of disabling call waiting. If I disable it, would the other caller just hear a busy signal, and I won't know I had that second caller trying to get through?

I'm wanting to understand all the options available to me so I can make a good decision how to set this feature up (if it's available).

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