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#942 by ooma_thurman
Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:05 pm

Here's my situation...

I have an ooma and a landline. I only have the landline now until its number is ported over in 3 to 4 weeks. Once that happens, I plan on getting rid of the landline all together.

My landline has voicemail.

My ooma voicemail is also set up.

So, I have 2 voicemail systems.

I had some problems in the beginning with having 2 voicemail systems, so a phone rep suggested setting the ooma voicemail to pick up after a minute or 59 seconds, so I did.

Here is my problem...

If I call myself from my cell phone, the ooma's voicemail doesn't do anything.

My landline's voicemail picks up after 4 rings -- the usual.

My cell phone's caller ID info displays on my landline's digital display.

I cannot retrieve my test message via my landline, because it is set to ooma's voicemail system. On top of this, the landline doesn't even acknowledge a voicemail having been left via a blinking light or a rapid dial tone like before.

The only way to retrieve ANY voicemails is log in via my cell phone. (Remember: "ANY voicemails" would be from my landline; my ooma doesn't pick up voicemails.)

What is going on? Did I connect something incorrectly? Is this a part of the porting process? Do I need to turn off completely one of the voicemail systems? Why won't the ooma voicemail sytem pick anything up?

By the way...is that one phone cord that is described as being "the long phone cord" actually a phone cord or a data cable? It has some writing on it like my DSL data cable, but it's not surrounded by extra covering. I ask because I need to extend it to place the ooma close to my home phone.


#945 by ooma_thurman
Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:45 am
Hi again.

I should have tried the following first...

Shortly after I posted my message, I went to my ooma's settings, and set the rings to less than 4, the opposite of what the phone rep suggested. Guess what? It worked out just fine!

Not only did the ooma voicemail pick up, but (1) my test voicemail appeared on the ooma; (2) my test voicemail appeared on my landline system; and (3) my landline's blinking light appeared, indicating a voicemail in my box.

What didn't happen was the rapid dial-tone on the landline, but I really don't care about that. As long as I have an indicator on the outside, in this case, both the landline and ooma, I'm straight.



PS: I guess that "long phone wire" is indeed a phone wire, as I extended it, and the ooma works fine, in terms of calls.

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