Recieving fax on second line

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Recieving fax on second line

Post by realsol » Thu May 21, 2009 3:36 pm

I had 2 lines with Ooma, one on the HUB and one on the scout. I was sharing the HUB with my fax. It became a pain to have to be next to the fax to manually receive faxes, so I ordered a 3rd line.

I now have 2 on my hub and 1 on the scout. The second line on the HUB for my fax. I have a splitter. When the 2nd line on the HUB rings, it uses a distinctive ring. My fax will automatically pick up when it hears this ring. I have tested this by calling with my cell phone. Phone rings fine, fax picks up.

But today was the first time that I actually had a fax call in. The phone never rings. It just goes to voice mail. No distinctive ring what so ever. They tried 4 times and finally called me. I tested the line with my cell phone, and it worked fine. Rang with distinctive ring and fax picked up.

I had them try again. They gave up after another 6 attempts. My phone never rang, but I did have 6 additional voice mails full of fax beeps.

What could the problem be?


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