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#111457 by parity_bit
Tue Jul 02, 2013 7:40 pm
Akai wrote:Perhaps voicemail screening can be offered a la carte?

Wonder how many percent of OOMA users subscribed to Premier?

I am sure more people will be willing to buy just call screening if offered a la carte.

As it is now? OR as I proposed it would benefit from being?

As it is now, no way no how. If it were as I proposed, certainly! I'd pony up to paying $3.71 for the pleasure of that service. (Of course it would be in lieu of taxes, which should be a la carte because if I don't want E911 from Ooma I should have the choice to purchase it elsewhere or even nowhere. Consider that certain counties in the US have had their firemen and women--a brave bunch who I will not at all malign--refuse to put out fires of people in unincorporated parts of a county that did not pay for their services. The order came from higher ups or city managers and I think some firefighters said it broke their heart to do, but they said they had no other choice. If I sign a governmental waiver--which is supposedly where this whole e911 tax comes from, stating that I have 911 service elsewhere, Ooma should in theory be able to be indemnified.)

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