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Re: Telo behind firewall

Posted: Fri May 10, 2013 9:27 am
by Exxeter
After a night's sleep, I found a solution, albeit, an odd one. It occurred to me that the setup page being accessed from the web port is less secure than I'm comfortable with, since it isn't even password protected. It does, on its "advanced" page offer the option to do so, and with its IP in my hosts file, it does work. What I wound up doing, since my main network has a separate WiFi access point, was to unplug it from the switch it was behind and plug it into the Telo's home port. This permits access from either our laptops or cell phones. If it is inconvenient to use them for serious work, I can simply use them to check the box allowing web access and then use any computer of the LAN.

I'm also considering the idea of allowing access via the internet port, but setting up a rule in the router to permit access to that IP only to the MAC on my computer.

Oh, and so far, the Telo hasn't missed an incoming call on either line. I don't feel grumpy, anymore. :D