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#108601 by hiline
Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:32 am

Maybe I'm missing something here, I've searched and can't find the answer. First off, I'm really happy with Ooma so far. I've had service for about a week and have the Premier Service. Number porting went smooth and fast (AT&T) I know I couldn't believe it either.

Assuming Line #1 is my ported number and Line #2 is my Ooma issued number. Can I separate these numbers? Now when #2 number is called it comes in as a call on the number #1 line. If I pick up the phone and hit he #2 line on the telco and make a call, it shows coming from #1. TIA for any help.
#108615 by lbmofo
Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:51 am
The order in which your numbers show up on this page: https://my.ooma.com/phone_numbers doen't have anything to do with "1" and "2" on your Ooma device. The "1" and "2" on Ooma device just indicates if any of the 2 lines available to you (max of 2 concurrent calls) are used up.

In the call logs, you can tell what number was called if received call via "1" or "2" in the call logs. https://my.ooma.com/call_logs

By default, you will always use your primary number when dialing out. If you want to use your secondary number to dialout, you can use dialing prefix "**1" on per call basis. You can see this dialing prefix info when clicking on your number on this page https://my.ooma.com/phone_numbers

If you want to show your outgoing callerid as your secondary number, you can make that choice on this page: https://my.ooma.com/privacy

If you want to separate the numbers all together (separate my.ooma.com login as well), you'd need to get HD2 or Linx (Scout if you have a white Ooma Hub vs black Ooma Telo) and assign your secondary number to the device after making the device "private/personal."
#108639 by hiline
Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:48 pm
Whooa...THANKS! What a complete and thorough answer. After reading my post, I wasn't sure anyone could even understand what I was trying to ask :D . I think I'll look into the Linx, as I have the Black Telo. Thanks Again.

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