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#106227 by zoolane
Fri Feb 08, 2013 6:15 am
I'm in Fort Lauderdale Florida. When I call an AT&T cell phone or our neighbor's Boost Mobile cell phone number from my Ooma Telo, I hear a ringing in the phone I am calling from, but the cell phone does not start ringing. Then, after I hear about 2 to 4 rings, I can hear the "ring" sound change slightly, and only then will the cellphone start ringing. **But** during morning and evening rush hour, I hear between 4 and 8 rings at my end before the cellphone starts ringing.

I then forwarded calls to my cellphone through my Ooma number (multi-ring call forwarding), just to make sure it was not something on my end. I then called my Ooma number through another line. My Ooma phone rang immediately, but my cellphone took 30 more seconds before it began to ring. The call to the cellphone was being dialed solely by Ooma's equipment.

Why the unpredictable lengthy delay????

My Phonepower service (which I am planning on replacing) rings immediately, but calls sometimes have voice dropouts, plus occassional disconnects in the middle of a conversation.

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