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#103152 by Lord Vader
Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:27 am
Background info...

I have two numbers on my account: my "old" one (area code 630) that I've had for years, ported to Ooma one year ago this month when I switched over here. A second number (area code 832) I got in a different state anticipating a job relocation. Well, in mid-August I did, in fact, move to that new state. I then called Ooma to change my second number to be my primary, and my primary to be my secondary one (so friends and relatives back north could still dial that old number that I've had for 14 years).

My parents are longtime Vonage customers (don't suggest they switch to Ooma, because with three lines in their house--one home, one business, and one fax, it's much too cost prohibitive for them to switch), and whenever they call from either of their two house lines--the home OR business line, they can never get a quality call when calling my old primary number that is now my secondary number. The thing is, even before I switched my primary and secondary numbers, they'd call my 630 # and could never hold a conversation. They could hear me fine, but there was NO sound or anything coming from their end. It was all horribly garbled and broken up. They'd hang up and call me back on my 832 # and everything would be just fine.

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