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#100689 by junckboxx
Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:01 pm
Here's something that just popped up today, September 23, 2012.

One of my bosses called my home (Ooma) number today. It showed up on the "My Ooma" website that he called, but no caller ID came through to Ooma, not even his number, which was not blocked. The caller ID read on "my Ooma" a "OH CELLPHONE."

I have made several attempts to call my own home (Ooma) phone. It didn't ring through, nor caller ID info. I have both cell phone numbers in my contacts, so if I did use filtering, i would let those though. But remember, all filtering was cancelled and a reboot was done.

A couple of curious things I also noticed.... Voicemail from my cell phone never kicked in (to the Ooma phone). it just kept ringing, until i heard... "your party is not answering... please try your call later."

The other curious thing... i was 0 (zero) percent set up on my premiere extra features. Prior to this date... i was 16%, since i didn't want to set up all features... much less want to use them.

As of this point, I have made 6 calls to my home (Ooma) phone, not 1 incoming call from my cell phone registered. However, Ooma's 800 number did register, as well as a friend who had caller ID info.

I disabled all call filtering, blacklisting, anonymous rejections, rebooted (unplugged for 10 seconds)... with no successful results.

I can call out... so this is only on call calls coming into my Ooma Phone, not calling out.

Can anyone find a way to fix this???? I emailed customer service, as they were closed, and not taking calls. It's been an all day issue for me. Very tiring!
#100696 by junckboxx
Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:27 am
As stated above, anonymous call blocking was disabled, hence the page you address took me to. I appreciate your double checking. My outgoing caller ID number is also not blocked on that same page.

"I disabled all call filtering, blacklisting, anonymous rejections, rebooted (unplugged for 10 seconds)... with no successful results."

Since I am not home, I will have to attempt this when i get home. However, since I am "Emergency/Essential Public Personnel" I will have to make sure that people know to call my cell phone until this gets fixed. That is, if I get a cell signal.

I will note the results of the 1 hour unplugged. I also want to know how this happened and if it will continue to happen. I must be reachable 24/7, without fail. If we cannot find why this happened, Ooma may not be for me. I need "98% plus" reliability, which is why Cable's bundle phone was dropped.
#100706 by junckboxx
Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:39 pm
I read on another forum posting, similar to this one, that this is a seemingly usual problem. I saw that it only takes 20 minutes to fully reboot the Ooma Telo. I did this same thing. I'll admit i didn't wait the full hour... but as someone who needs to be reached all the time, i couldn't waste an hour if an emergency, or other major factors, were ensuing.

I also saw on another post, also similar to mine, that holding the "envelope button" makes "do not disturb" go on and off. I figured it was for the better to test if that was working. It did, rather flawlessly. Note that this feature was never used before, nor did i know that this was an option. When the feature is on, the envelope goes orange. I always had a blue envelope.

The Ooma Telo now allows all calls to come through, regardless of CID info and number.

I also still notice that I'm at 0% set up for those premiere features, for which no explanation had been given.

For the moment, this is solved, yet not explained. Therefore, I am in the belief it will happen again, since it cannot be corrected. If it continues to happen, it should be record, that I am willing to give up Ooma...and contact the talk show host who recommends this product (it's not an endorsement or commercial spot), on a major Atlanta metro AM/FM combination (yes, i know this guy personally too), and let him know that the Ooma has issues. Not being mean, if this happens again... but if it's not "the bees knees" of telephone service, as my friend describes, i need to have note that it's not a perfect system and on the same level as MagicJack. Makes no difference what the issues are and were. A problem is a problem... and the public needs to be informed of it.

I shouldn't have to rebuild my features again, much less not use filtering to get rid of problematic callers. Great advertisement for Ooma Premiere so far!

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