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#8328 by Lyfetyme
Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:21 pm

My OOMA setup was flawless with one big exception. When I dial out a call, or recieve an outside call; I can hear the caller but they can not hear me?

I checked my connections 4x...bought a new phone...adjusted my upload speed without results.

Need help like yesterday!
#8329 by WayneDsr
Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:59 pm
Sounds like an upload issue. can we have some more info?

Do you have ooma WITH a landline or WITHOUT?

DSL or Cable?

Are you connected as:

Go to http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/speed_test/ppspeed.html
and do a voip test. Post the results.

Do you have a Scout connected? If so disconnect it. Disconnect the phone cable from the WALL port on the ooma hub. Try a call.

This should be enough for now.

#8340 by Lyfetyme
Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:09 am

Here are the results of the test. By the way I am using ooma with a wireless intergrated router/modem and DSL--NO landline.

test3.jpg (29.36 KiB) Viewed 3997 times
Test2.jpg (46.05 KiB) Viewed 3996 times
Test.jpg (51.81 KiB) Viewed 3997 times
#8341 by WayneDsr
Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:43 am
There is something really strange going on there. I'd like to see a speed test without ooma connected. You have NO upload Quality of Service.
That would explain your voice not going out.

Could you do the same test without ooma connected? I'd like to see if ooma is causing the issue or your internet connection.

#8353 by Lyfetyme
Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:05 am
Wayne, I seem to have the same results.

test1.jpg (14.75 KiB) Viewed 3970 times
#8355 by WayneDsr
Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:14 am
What I'd like to see is the test from the other site, the one that tests your voip QOS. It wasn't able to measure on that test. I'd like to see the results with ooma out of the picture. Thanks!

#8356 by Lyfetyme
Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:16 am
Here you go...and this is w/o ooma connected.
test2.jpg (54.41 KiB) Viewed 3963 times
#8358 by Lyfetyme
Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:21 am
Yet another screen shot of QoS test.

Sure hope you can decipher this stuff; I haven't the slightest clue what this means.

test3.jpg (43.53 KiB) Viewed 3959 times
#8359 by WayneDsr
Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:23 am
Somehow you have a very bad DSL connection, especially in the upload direction. For starters try shutting off your modem for about 10 minutes and turning it back on and check after the modem initializes.

You may need to have your DSL provider check your lines for a bad connection or noise.

I can't think of any other way I could help, maybe someone else can join in here and suggest something.

#8367 by Lyfetyme
Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:27 am

Everythings good now. My firewall was the problem. I have an Actiontec router and I needed to turn off the "low" firewall setting. Worried that I had no security I called Actiontec support who said the routers firewall works regardless any additional settings.

Anyway it works...thanks for your help!

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