No dial tone - resolved

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No dial tone - resolved

Post by Leeway » Wed May 16, 2012 7:39 am

Here's a new one for me... I had no dial tone, after trying everything from a complete reboot and putting DND off and on and off again I still had no dial tone. Panic time because my ever faithful Ooma never gives me problems. Finally, I walked around looking at my Panasonic cordless phones and I realized they all said "Check tel line". I went to the cordless base and checked it and of all the goofy things once I pulled the in and out phone wires to my power strip and reinserted them everything was fine again.

I have a footrest in front of all the cords under the desk so I don't get a foot tangled up in them. My ultimate conclusion was that spring cleaning did it to me. I crawled under the desk yesterday with the vacuum extension to run the small brush and cleanup along the wall and cords because my son had installed a new shelf above my desk. I must have 'vacuumed' the power strip phone plug enough upward to loose the connection. All is fine again and the floor and baseboard is dust free for now.


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Re: No dial tone - resolved

Post by southsound » Wed May 16, 2012 8:09 am

Glad that all is well again, Donna. If you lived closer I'd invite you to bring your vacuum over and try the same technique under my desk to see if we could repeat the problem. :P
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