Stange Voice Mail problem today

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Stange Voice Mail problem today

Post by waynedunham » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:13 am

I had a strange thing happen this morning. I got an unknown # from Washington State so I directed it to VM. They must not have left a message of any kind (probably a robo-call) because I didn't receive an Email with the VM attached like I always do when I receive a VM.
A little while later I received another VM and did get the Email with VM attached.

Just a couple minutes ago I got tired of my cordless phone system flashing, as it does when I have a VM on the Ooma, so I went over to the Ooma base unit and it said I had 1 new, and 1 old VM. So I started listening to the 1st VM (about 30 seconds) and hit the trash can. Ooma acknowledged my deletion, and I hit the play button again and it started playing my old VM. Again I hit the trash can and Ooma ack'ed my deletion.
When I would hit the play button it would say I had no VM's, however the play button was still flashing as well as the indicator on my cordless phone.

So I came online here to see if there was something stuck, but my dash showed nothing in VM. So I went to the trash folder and it showed 2 unlistened to messages along with a few others. I listened to all of the messages in the deleted folder to verify I had already heard/deleted them and I had.
So I marked all of them and told Ooma to delete them. That brought up a verification dialog asking me if I were sure. That dialog kept popping up, so at first I thought it was doing it for each message. However after about the 15th time (only 5 or 6 in the folder) I realized it was in some kind of loop, or stuck on one of the messages.
I couldn't get rid of the dialog by either acknowledging, or cancelling. So finally I hit the back button on my browser and got back to the main VM screen. That screen was still showing 2 messages in trash folder, however when I went into the trash folder it was empty and that is when the play button on my Ooma base and my cordless phone stopped flashing.

If it were still Friday the 13th I might chalk it up to that, but is isn't Friday the 13th so I have no idea what happened.

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Re: Stange Voice Mail problem today

Post by thunderbird » Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:37 pm

Some times if you remove power from the Ooma Telo for one hour. Then repower the Ooma Telo, the Voicemail problems will clear up. Powering off the Ooma Telo allows the Ooma Servers to update and your Ooma Profile.

Later add:
My Ooma Telo/Voicemail also misbehaved this afternoon. My Ooma phone number was called a little after 4:00 PM. But the phone didn’t ring. The only way I know about the call was that while online viewing my E-mails, there it was. There was no E-mail orange light on the face of the Ooma Telo. I rebooted the Ooma Telo, and the normal orange E-mail light still didn't appear. Strange?

In My Ooma the inbound call was not logged. But my Voicemail Inbox shows an un-played Voicemail received at 4:01 PM. Strange?

Next morning add:
Some time this morning the yellow voicemail light appeared on the face of our Ooma Telo for the call that was received yesterday. Ooma must have routed that call by way of Mars?

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