OOMA Service Too Unreliable

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OOMA Service Too Unreliable

Post by smarsh99 » Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:05 am

:x Anyone else having similar experience?

I am a new OOMA Telo Customer, I have test-driven the service for the last couple weeks, the OOMA report card is not good.

Starters, I have a very fast 20 Megabit (minimum) Comcast Internet connection, in speed tests I routinely top 4 MEGABYTES per second (its no typo thats 4 mega BYTES per second) which means that Comcast is allowing me >33 Megabits throughput on the DS link, on my upstream link I get >1 MEGA BYTE per second.

Other tests show my Comcast Internet service is remarkably reliable with ZERO dropped TCP connections out of 10 thousand attempts.

I routinely am able to watch FULL HD Netlfix while my 2 daughters individually watch 480p YouTube videos and the wife surfs the web.

Also, while using Skype over my home WIFI from my Droid Galaxy S phone I never once have had an issue, even while the family was watching full HD NetFlix.

In fact it was my experience with, and and the reliability of Skype that led me to try OOMA, because if Skype could do it, then anyone should be able to.

I have an ASUS RT16 Router with integrated 1 GBit switch, a flawless reliable router.

Previously, I had Comcast Voice (VOIP) and in over three years I never had a single dropped call.

What I have found is that the OOMA service is woefully unreliable for calls during "regular" hours, on both incoming and outgoing calls.

During "regular" hours with NO OTHER TRAFFIC occurring on my internet connection, this is the typical scenario for outgoing calls:

1. You pick-up your handset get a dial tone, <good>
2. You dial the number and get a quick ring from the OOMA DC, <good>
3. Then silence or some rings from the called party which then may answer but the call is dropped immediately <BAD>
4. You repeat steps 1-3 a minimum of 3 times before you get a connection. <BAD>

Incoming calls are no different, the ooma connected phone never rings or rings once and drops the call.

At non-regular hours the ooma works fine, say 1am or 2am, no issues then.

I have gone 10 - 20 outgoing call attempts in my testing and found that I could not ring up my cell phone in my tests, it never rang once. But I could then use my daughters cell phone to call my cell and get an immediate connection.

Why is OOMA device and backend so fragile, that it cannot do what my little Droid Phone can do over WIFI with Skype? Why can OOMA not trouble shoot this by interrogating the OOMA telo device for network issues? Why can't OOMA examine data center transactions to figure out how to improve their device firmware and backend?

If you are a potential customer shopping for a reliable phone service, I cannot recommend OOMA given my experience.

If not for this dreadful disappointment, I would have gladly signed up for the OOMA Premier service offering.

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Re: OOMA Service Too Unreliable

Post by lbmofo » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:15 am

Are you here to spam or trying to get help?

Why don't you give sometime for folks to provide input on this other thread you opened up already? viewtopic.php?t=10605

In order to seek help, you need to have an open mind and listen to what people are saying instead of having your mind made up.

If you just bitch and moan and not listen to others trying to help, then you won't get your problem fixed.
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