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#73365 by tjnamtiw
Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:50 am
I have been noticing that my Hub has shown 'in use' quite often for only a few seconds and then the red light goes back off without ever ringing. I looked at my call list for the first time in quite a while and noticed that I have been getting a LOT of toll free numbers calling in during the evening hours. I did a reverse lookup on them and discovered that all of them are Sprint numbers. After talking to a Sprint rep, she explained, in Broken English!!!, that those were indeed Sprint automated telemarketing numbers. Evidently it can sense that my number is a VOIP number and never completes the connection. This started on the 18th of January so others may be seeing the same thing if Sprint somehow got a list of Ooma numbers. This is a good advantage of Ooma since I can easily blacklist them and anyone else who uses Ooma can join the blacklist and those numbers will never reach them.
The rep I talked to kept wanting to sign me up for Sprint but she knew what VOIP was!!!!! :o

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