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#68974 by Gunjan9
Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:51 pm
I had a lot of problems with the ooma telo initially. I have a 3000/768 DSL connection (down/up) and bandwidth should not have been a problem. I connected my ooma initially in front of my router and behind my modem. The quality was poor. Sometimes the phone didn't ring properly when called (one ring and then cut). Some times voice quality was poor (outgoing , and/or incoming). Other times I heard echoes , or people's voices cutting out, etc. All sorts of weird problems. Nothing *terrible* but everything was bothersome. Thanks to another thread on these forums (can't remember which one), I tried a different approach.

1. I turned the ooma QOS off (connect to ooma to do this - zero out the values for the QOS fields)

2. I put the ooma BEHIND my router , just like option 2b for the telo manual

At this point I had QOS disabled in my router. Call quality on the downlink was much better at this point, but the uplink was still poor.

Next, I enabled QOS and gave highest priority to my ooma device. As part of my router QOS settings, I had to choose a "uplink bandwidth" value - I set it to 768, the nominal value of my ISP upload speed. Call quality from my side was great, but people on the other side complained of slight choppiness, echo, drops, etc.

I then reduced the uplink value to a lower number - around 500 . I realized that this number should err on the side of caution , because making it too large messes up how bandwidth is provisioned and can cause problems. I should mention that repeated speed tests of my uplink consistently show uplink speed of at or above 760.

Since making this value to 500, the call quality has been outstanding. Calls to foreign countries work flawlessly in both directions.

I am new to these forums and apologize if the above solution is an "obvious" one . It wasn't to me (i.e. , both moving the ooma behind the router, as well as lowering the router's QOS uplink speed to something quite a bit smaller than my nominal and tested speed).

I hope this helps someone!

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