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#68147 by clineberger
Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:54 pm
Hi all. Hoping someone her can help me out. I have verizon fios and have replaced the verizon router with an apple airport extreme. I first had the ooma set up so that it was behind the router with a cable going from the "to internet" on the ooma to an available port on the airport and my computer plugged into the home port on the ooma. This allowed me to talk and surf at the same time but the problem was that I could not access my network (another computer plugged into the airport). I switched the configuration so that the ooma was still behind the router but merely connected to the airport from the "to internet" port with nothing connected to the "home" port and both computers directly plugged into the airport. That solved the problem and I could now see the computers on the network and talk on the phone but I soon realized that the internet would not work if I was on the phone. I then tried to put the ooma in front of the airport but I could not get the phone or internet to work. I know some people have talked about interference from cordless phones but I have a DECT 6.0 system so that should not be an issue.

Is there some type of setting on the ooma that can be tweaked to eliminate this problem? I know that when I installed the airport and replaced the verizon router I had to call verizon to have them release my dhcp address. Could that be part of the problem when I try to put the ooma in front? I appreciate everyones help.

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