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#69430 by Davesworld
Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:16 am
People still don't get it! Internet speed is seldom the issue with VOIP! The issue 99.99999% of the time is packet loss, jitter or latency. If you have problems with either or all of those three, all the bandwidth in the world will not help you.

Click your heels three times and keep repeating: My bandwidth is not the issue, my bandwidth is not the issue...........
#69433 by subguy
Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:48 am
Good call lbmofo, I plan to pick up a Hub today and try that out. As I've stated, I'd REALLY like Ooma to work out for me, so I'm willing to give it another go. And I have to buy it at a different store anyway, so I have another 30 days to evaluate. Thanks for the suggestion!
#69463 by subguy
Sat Nov 20, 2010 4:49 pm
I've got my Hub set up now. Delay is ~550 ms, which is comparable to my cell. I'm gonna check it out and see how it all goes. Any tips on getting the delay down on the Hub? I adjusted the QOS parameters, and set the modem ID to "built in."
#69469 by lbmofo
Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:29 pm
That was fast. I think u've done all u can to optimize. Are u far away from west coast? I suppose this delay would improve as Ooma tweaks things and possibly compensates for data center on west coast only situation.
#69509 by matchorno
Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:15 pm
lbmofo wrote:Like I said in another thread...the good news is that if you port out, it will be free. The bad news is you'll be paying through your nose month after month for services.

The bad news is that I lost $200 on the ooma unit (kinda my fault for not hooking it up right away) and $40 for a porting that they said they canceled (not my fault). I won't be paying out of nose if I choose to go with a different voip. I know plenty people with vonage (a more established company) that have no problems with it. Granted, I may be the first one I know to have a problem with it, but it's worth a shot. Maybe they charge a little more than ooma, because maybe it works a little better than ooma. I'll have to wait and see on that one.

Believe me, I wanted the ooma to work. I was so psyched about it, telling all my friends and family to drop their phone bill. But it just doesn't work for me. And the customer service was horrific...getting conflicting information from each different person I emailed or called, until they finally screwed me out of $40 that they didn't dare to let go of.

lbmofo wrote:Use this test site instead:
You can copy the results text in the "advanced" tab

VoIP test statistics
Jitter: you --> server: 0.8 ms
Jitter: server --> you: 0.9 ms
Packet loss: you --> server: 0.0 %
Packet loss: server --> you: 0.0 %
Packet discards: 0.0 %
Packets out of order: 0.0 %
Estimated MOS score: 4.1

Speed test statistics
Download speed: 8776944 bps
Upload speed: 4954024 bps
Download quality of service: 86 %
Upload quality of service: 98 %
Download test type: socket
Upload test type: socket
Maximum TCP delay: 67 ms
Average download pause: 3 ms
Minimum round trip time to server: 92 ms
Average round trip time to server: 93 ms
Estimated download bandwidth: 70400000bps
Route concurrency: 8.021015
Download TCP forced idle: 92 %

The download/upload speeds look a little more reasonable. However, this test seems off with being too low. My speed on yields a consistent 17 mb/s down and 5 mb/s up


lbmofo wrote:I am getting better numbers than my cell phones so I am entirely okay with what I am getting.

My call quality (audio delay perceived by lack of ability to converse with other callers) is much better on my cell. I have been successfully using a cell phone for years and notice very little delay if anything. However conversations on the ooma have not been reasonably possible.

lbmofo wrote:Did you get a temp number assigned by Ooma? If so, your phones better have rung when someone called that number. Even if you were in landline integration mode (if you fed your landline dialtone to Ooma "wall" port), your phone attached to Ooma should have rung when someone called your landline number.

I did not get a temp number. I didn't do the landline integration mode either. I used my regular phone like always while I waited for the port. I just hooked up the ooma about a week and a half before the porting was going to occur. I just used it for outgoing calls to test it out. That's when I found out there was a problem with it. I didn't see the rush to hook it up before I got my number ported.
#69510 by Jimwilson1014
Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:19 pm
My system has been working perfectly the last few days. I don't have much of a delay at all. It went from greater then 800ms to less the 500ms. Voice quality is excellent now. I am in South Florida near Ft Lauderdale. You can't get much further from the West Coast servers. Thanks Ooma.
#69512 by matchorno
Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:23 pm
subguy wrote:Seems like there are a lot of knowledgeable VOIP folks on this thread, what would y'all recommend instead? I had looked at getting a Cisco SPA2102, and then shopping around for a VOIP like Callcentric. I'm a bit hesitant however due to the fact that I think I'll be paying probably $10 - $20 a month for that (which is what I was trying to avoid with Ooma). Any magic bullet solutions out there?

I myself am going to give vonage a try. I know a handful of people who have it and it works great. It's $10-$20/month like the one you are talking about, but hey, I pay $22/month to verizon and get only local calls (not even local-long distance) for that. $20 with a voip company offers you national long-distance plus all the trimmings (caller-id, call-waiting, etc.). So even though I will be paying the same phone bill as always, I will be gaining much better features. I am hesitant to try a hub. Some do seem to think that it doesn't have as many problems with audio delay. But then you are going backwards in technology (the telo is supposed to be new and improved) and it is after all the same company with the same customer service.

If you know of any other voips with a good reputation for service, please do share. Or if you do get the hub and it works out, I'd like to hear about that as well. -Thanks

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