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#65731 by bverdon
Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:07 pm
I will explain my basic setup....Comcast cable broadband connection (modem)-Juniper SSG-5 firewall-ooma hub in DMZ-

I have bandwidth shaping set on the Juniper fw (similar to QOS but not exactly the same) and Comcast provides me with 20Meg (burst so....compression) and 4 Meg up. I originally had a local telco provided DSL for the first 5 or 6 months when I installed the ooma hub and after initially tunning things, never had an issue.

When I upgraded to the Comcast cable connection, I had to tune things and things ran fine for about 6 weeks. Then we would loose the call on one side (they could hear us, we couldn't hear them) I then...tuned things on the ooma and the Juniper box. it would work ok for a few days after re-tuning this but then have the same issue with the new Comcast connection, I am wondering if the compression is killing this for me.

I have my ooma hub set for Upstream Internet Speed 350 Downstream speed to 0 and Reserved bandwidth for 215

I have my Juniper set for the highest priority for the ooma hub out to the Inet with guarantee bandwidth of 350K.

Any clues?

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#65740 by murphy
Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:35 pm
Set the upstream speed in Ooma to zero also. With Ooma behind a router, and with the speeds that you have, QOS is not necessary. Make sure that the "traffic shaping" in the router gives Ooma the highest priority.
#71145 by bverdon
Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:17 pm
stevepierce wrote:This is a known Ooma problem called iCHOP syndrome. I can't hear the other party.

Search for iCHOP for other discussion on this topic. To date there is no resolution to this problem.

- Steve

no....simply calling it something isn't helpful either. :x

This must have had something to do with the Juniper router/config...once I moved the ooma box in front of the juniper box, all issues went dropped half calls. It must have something to do with not tuning the additional bandwidth properly.
I just haven't had enough time to put things back the way they were and figure this out (since it was intermittent, my family would grow impatient with me using them as the test bed).

Now I have PAT everything I want over to my firewall via the ooma box....that firewall is pretty crappy and basic...but I get it to work ok

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