Seemingly No Way to Improve Voice Lag

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Seemingly No Way to Improve Voice Lag

Post by bmccollum » Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:01 pm

Parents have AT&T Fast Access DSL 6.0. They have integrated modem and router. Ooma voice delay pretty bad... I would say one half second or slightly. Temporarily disconnected that device and connected just a regular dsl modem and connected the Ooma Telo straight after the stand alone dsl modem. Voice lag the same or worse. Thought should be better since Ooma Telo now the very first device connected to after the stand alone modem.

Any suggestions of anything else to try are greatly appreciated. Is there any reason I should go into the Ooma settings and adjust the upload and download rates since the Ooma is now the very first item connected after the modem?

Really trying to help reduce the voice lag as the conversations are difficult to have with the delay. My Ooma is connected at the very end of cable modem - router - 8-port switch - Ooma Telo and we experience pretty much no lag.


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Re: Seemingly No Way to Improve Voice Lag

Post by nn5i » Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:46 am

Not much reason to do that, since that is not where the delay is. The delay is in the travel of data packets from one Telo (or Hub) (yours or theirs) over the Internet to Ooma's servers and then to the other Telo (theirs or yours). This delay depends mostly on the path taken by the packets, especially the number of intermediate hops between servers on the Internet, which may be anything from 9 or 10 to 40 or more. For each half of the route you can get a measure of the number of hops by connecting a PC and entering tracert at a DOS prompt. That command ("trace route") will tell you the current number of hops between you and Ooma, and also the delay at each hop.

How useful is this? Less so than one would like, because you can't do anything about the route.

Conjecture: the route is chosen when you power up the Telo, and powering it down for a time and then back up may establish a different route with different delay. I do not know whether this is true or not.

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Re: Seemingly No Way to Improve Voice Lag

Post by wade » Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:12 am

I tested your trace route command on our line and found that I was see a lot of delay in my service. I tested this a couple of times and found that the delay was pretty consistent. I was seeing 2000 ms delays which I would guess would equal a 4 second delay on a round trip. I unplugged the ooma and had it restart. After this I reran the tracert command and the delay went down to 900 ms. I also checked the servers that it was using and relized that it had changed slightly. My largest delays were occurring on the servers.

In short it seems that your guess about restarting the Ooma could really help with the delay issue. My round trip time went from 4 seconds down to 2.


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Re: Seemingly No Way to Improve Voice Lag

Post by JBDragon » Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:11 pm

My voice calls have sounded just fine with my Cable Internet. I had 13 hops, with the slowest being 26ms, and the fastest 9ms.

A 2000ms delay is a HUGE issue! You shouldn't see something that high on a DSL connection. You might see something like that with Satellite!!! There's nothing YOU personally can do about it, but if your seeing that kind of delay all the time, I'd call your ISP and have them check it out!!! That would effect any Online gaming you would do quite a bit also!!! That's worse then a Dial-Up modem!!!

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Re: Seemingly No Way to Improve Voice Lag

Post by tommies » Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:07 pm

My past experiences with ATT DSL is quite good. Despite that the bandwidth is limited (1.5Mb down/256Kb up) its qualities are very good and consistent. I didn't have problem with jitter/latency and packets lost. During that time, I don't have any problem with ooma even with the limited bandwidth.

Back to the OP question, I recommend doing a speed test at
and take not on the jitter, packet lost, and TCP delay. Then call your isp if those numbers are bad and ask for a DSL line test.

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