Is this another routing issue with 800 #?

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Is this another routing issue with 800 #?

Post by Lilly's_Closet » Mon Aug 30, 2010 2:49 pm

Is this another routing issue with 800 #? Just got off the phone with Aflac ((800) 992-3522) and I am located in MD. I called them from my ooma line and I spend 7 minutes on the phone with them.

2 minutes latter I tried to call the same number back 27 times but ooma would not connect to the number. Only my original call shows up in call logs not my failed attempts. Finally, I gave up and successfully called them from my cell phone.

Ooma works great when it works…works like crap when you really need it.

Udate after 30 mins was finally able to make the call after 6 more attempts now my call quality sucks garbled and breaks up.

I rebooted my entire network changed phones the issue persisted...poor voice quality

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