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#62993 by bmccollum
Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:57 am
My parents have DSL extreme (6.0 mbps) AT&T DSL Dry-Loop...

They have a 2Wire 2701HG-B integrated dsl modem / wireless router...

They have the Ooma Telo...

Connections to everything are as follows:
--- Phone line from wall jack to 2Wire 2701HG-B dsl modem / wireless router integrated device
--- Ethernet cable from available 2Wire modem / router port to Internet port on Ooma Telo
--- Nothing connected to "Home" port on Ooma Telo
--- PC directly connected to another available port on the 2Wire modem / router

My understanding is that the 2wire modem / router has no Quality of Service settings that are available for users to adjust.

With their current equipment, is there any more highly-preferred away to connect the Ooma Telo to their equipment to get the best possible call quality and the least amt. of voice lag / latency? They're experiencing noticeable voice delay to where they're stepping all over the other party's words and vice versa when making calls via the Ooma Telo.

They have VTech brand Dect 6.0 cordless phones that they're using via the Ooma.

My understanding is that there's no reason to configure QoS settings via the site with their current setup configuration, correct?

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
#63122 by calkid4ever
Wed Aug 25, 2010 4:03 pm
--- Sep 13 update ----

A couple of days ago the power light on my 2701HG changed to red and lost the DSL link. After extensive testing with my telco (Centurylink) and rebooting several times, the tech surmised that the 2701 had a hard failure. I had purchased it about 5 months ago on eBay, at which time it had only been used by the previous owner for a week or so. I am very disappointed in 2wire. Previous experience with 2wire integrated modem/routers in 2001 gave me a false confidence that this company's products were of higher quality than the rest of the industry. In fact, one of the early models that I tested and used for several years has been in service at my son's home for the last 5 years. I bought an ActionTec modem which I place in transparent bridging mode and connected it to my trusty WRT54G/Tomato router. I think I am actually getting better performance out of the ActionTec than the 2wire. For example, yesterday I watched a 1' 30" live webcast while my wife talked for over an hour with no noticeable glitches. Got my fingers crossed.

---- Sep 7 update ----

After 13 days with the 2701HG in bridge mode (i.e., acting as just a DSL modem) and the WRT54G/Tomato between the 2701HG and my home network, I have had ZERO http timeouts, and no Ooma QoS issues. I'm reasonably certain the 2701HG firewall was choking while trying to inspect the packets flowing through it. I am aware that 2Wire had (still has?) other devices that integrate 2Wire's implementation of VoIP. Perhaps they intentionally excluded the capability of setting QoS in the non-VoIP models trying to steer customers and service providers to the more expensive devices.

---- original Aug 25 post ----

I have also been having periodic Telo QoS issues with the 2701HG. In addition, I was seeing frequent (8-10 times/day) http timeouts on two PCs connected directly to the 2Wire. Today I finally gave up on the 2Wire as a router, and installed my trusty Linksys WRT54GS on which I had replaced the built-in Linksys/Cisco OS with Tomato firmware (see Tomato has the best QoS I have seen for a residential-class router. I ran Tomato for several years with Vonage, then with Ooma Telo on Cox cable with virtually no QoS issues. I anticipate that this new setup will eliminate the issues I have been having using the 2701HG as a router. A connection diagram follows:

2Wire 2701HG
(bridged mode)
Linksys WRT54G —————> Telo
(w/ Tomato firmware)
PCs, Printer, Sat TV recievers, Blu-ray player

erics wrote:You might want to place the 2WIre into Bridge mode. From there, your setup will be 2Wire (bridged) <-> ooma <-> Computer (or you can place a router between the ooma and the computer), With this setup, you can avail yourself of the ooma's QOS feature.

Instructions for bridge mode on 2Wire are here
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#63173 by bmccollum
Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:41 am
My parents were erroneously sent I believe a Netopia DSL modem a few weeks ago when they dropped their landline from AT&T & switched their existing DSL service to a dry-loop setup. They already had and were using the 2Wire 2701HG-B integrated DSL modem / wireless router, so they had no need for the Netopia DSL modem that AT&T erroneously mailed to them.

However, with that in mind, I guess I could take the 2701HG-B completely out of the picture, connect the Netopia DSL modem that they erroneously had mailed to them by AT&T, give them back the Buffalo Tech wireless router I was previously letting them borrow prior to their usage of the 2701HG-B & reconnect that Buffalo Tech wireless router into their setup, and go from there.

If that setup didn't produce the desired results with Ooma Telo usage and voice lag reduction and that sort of thing, I could just disconnect the stand-alone DSL modem and my Buffalo Tech wireless router and just go back to the original 2Wire 2701HG-B integrated modem/router.

I have an idea being able to go from stand-alone DSL modem > Ooma Telo > Router would hopefully produce less voice lag than their current setup if I'm able to actually implement and use the built-in Quality of Service settings via the page.

We'll see... thanks for the input...

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