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#4991 by runagun
Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:40 pm
I have the same 20/5 but with cable and currently have my setup in Ooma being 0 download while 768 upload and experience no issues what so ever. I did double the upload from 384 to 768 cause I thought it was giving me issues faxing but it was my own doing that caused it. I do recommend when people are faxing with Ooma to insert a pause(P) after the *99. After I did that I haven't had a problem faxing, Coincidence could be.

Crazypinoy9 wrote:
So I entered in a download of 768kb and upload of 384. Guess what? so far i've had two calls and no static or anything. .
#4994 by mthomtech
Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:01 pm
just tried several QoS settings on the ooma hub but no improvement from the scout. I'll wait to see what ooma's tests come up with.
#5001 by Crazypinoy9
Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:44 pm
mthomtech wrote:Did you change your settings on ooma, your router, or both? My Actiontec router QoS screen doesn't seem that user friendly, so I haven't messed with it.

I changed settings on both.

Actually there's really not that much specific information that I can change in regards to the QOS settings on the Westwell modem/router. It only gives me preconfigured settings to choose from. It has categories like P2P, Triple Play User(which seems to priortize VOIP more), and others for gaming. I tried the triple play option first with no luck. I then figured since ooma is setup via P2P i would give that an option. Seems great so far and it hasn't effected my download speeds at all.
#5002 by thively
Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:56 pm
Crazypinoy9 wrote:Well I just wanted to update you guys on my situation.

As most of you know I have the verizon fios 20/5 plan and tried setting both the ooma hub and modem/router accordingly as instructed by ooma. I've tried download ranges somewhere around 13500 to 21500 and upload ranges around 3200 to 5100.

I have read southsound's recent postings about his success in getting his call quality fixed and for shits & giggles I thought I might try his QOS settings even though it's WAY lower than what I should be entering in.

So I entered in a download of 768kb and upload of 384. Guess what? so far i've had two calls and no static or anything. WTF!? I'm at a loss for words. I really don't understand how my previous settings which were significantly higher didnt work yet these did. I'm gonna continue monitoring it and let you guys know what my results are.

I have a theory....
When you set the upload to say 5Mbps, it allows 4.7Mbps or so of traffic to pass through the Ooma core while the call is in progress (reserving about .3 for itself.)
But when you set it to 768, only about .45Mbps gets past the Ooma core while the call is in progress.

Even though the Ooma core has plenty of bandwidth reserved, the existence of the other traffic at the same time is causing other types of congestion such as packet reordering (jitter) or something else I (we) don't fully understand. So it's not lack of bandwidth, just over all congestion.

I had one of our engineers try to explain to me why streaming video over DSL can get 'congested' when other things are using the DSL line even if it isn't using all of the bandwidth. I barely understood what he said but described essentially a traffic light style problem of packets getting held up while letting others through and vis versa.

Second theory, Ooma core can't handle that volume of traffic. perhaps it's too much volume for the core to deal with and it's causing the call to break up. Not likely. Even 5Mbps isn't a lot for a cheap router.

But if you've made these settings while you weren't using any other network traffic, then that shoots this right out the window. It can't be traffic if there isn't any traffic.

With 5Mbps up and 20Mbps down, I'd argue you don't even need to use QoS at all. Have you tried setting it to 0?

I personally put my Core BEHIND my router. I have Comcast 16/2 (Plus power boost which does affect this significantly). I never saturate my bandwidth so there's really no need to manage it.
If I do experience problems, I'm inclined to set up QoS in my DLink router and reserve bandwidth and priority for the Ooma Core. That way the core device is just using what it uses and the dLink is doing the heavy lifting of managing.
But I'm reluctant to do that because it will prevent me from using "Power Boost" if someone is on a call.

So far I haven't experience any loss of quality whatsoever. I haven't been using the scout, so this is just core use I'm talking about at this point.

I'm not saying everyone should go against Ooma's recommendation and install the core behind their router. But it's something you might want to experiment with and again, with your bandwidth, I don't think you really need to use QoS at all unless you specifically peg your bandwidth with large uploads/downloads predictably.
I guess it depends and I admit I haven't used this enough to know for sure that QoS isn't really necessary.

So if you haven't, set QoS to 0. And/or put it behind your router. Try it.

Forgive me if you said you already did earlier in the thread.
#5006 by mthomtech
Wed Mar 18, 2009 8:54 pm
Thively - I basically did the same thing, with ooma after the router and without the other traffic going through ooma (it comes off another port of the router).

I finally found some instructions to set the QoS on the Actiontec router, and the settings worked well. Basically gave ooma top priority and also limited overall traffic to 80% of the up and down capacity that I have from FiOS. Although I don't think I was getting any jitter or packet loss with my FiOS connection, the 80% should make sure that nothing gets backed up.

Now, this may help my overall quality ... I don't think I could tell much of a difference, but the settings do seem to be working properly, so I'm going to try it for awhile. Maybe the "cell type quality" that I experience from the hub will be better (although it was already clear).

My scout crackle issue still remains. Depending on what ooma comes up with, I'm thinking it may just be a defective unit.
#5019 by WayneDsr
Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:29 am
mthomtech: Just curious. Did you try the Scout connected directly to the hub?

My house wiring doesn't play well with my Scout and was wondering if direct connect made a difference. I have my Scout and hub side by side.

#5021 by mthomtech
Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:58 am
Thanks Wayne - Yes ... for all the tests now, I have the scout plugged directly into the hub through the "wall ports". Still the same scout issues for me. I'm thinking there's just some interference in the unit itself or something.
#5026 by Timothy
Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:49 am
Today I had my wife call me at work on my Land Line here. She used *99 on the 1st call the call quality was fine. That matching close to the Ooma receiver side. She called me again without using the *99 and what a difference! The quality is sounding like a Cell phone call. She called from the Hub since we all know the Scout is having issues. Wish there was a setting to enable the *99 on the web account so it's permanet. That way when someone calls in the quality would be the same because you can't do *99 while someone is on the call to enhance the call clarity. My Hub is connected directly to the Modem with Comcast 10 milsecond latency with 16megs up 5 megs down.
#5029 by mthomtech
Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:06 am
Hey Timothy - I'll have to give that test a try too. Last night I did finally adjust my Verizon router's QoS to see if that helps at all ... it does seem a little better so far.

Hopefully the April enhancement will allow for more bandwidth use per call.
#5032 by Timothy
Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:54 am
Hi mthomtech! - That's great, nice to hear something is working for people here. I'm completely convinced the bandwith limitation from the hub on the callers end is the problem. It's strange that the Oooma's sound quality is better in one direction than the other. I too am looking forward to the April enhancement. I only hope this is the problem with the Scout but we will soon see once the enhancement takes place. I think Ooma Rocks, seems we have a lot of dedicated people on this support forum helping each other and Ooma succeed.

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