[Fixed]Scout's placement: from low hum to bring down the DSL

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[Fixed]Scout's placement: from low hum to bring down the DSL

Post by tommies » Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:12 pm

I have OOMA for two days now. In general, I am pretty please with the service, and I am to give a thump up for the support staff. I have read through most of the active threads here, and I also experience some of the problems which are discussed.

First here is my setup:
DSL modem -> OOMA hub -> router -> PC's
and wiring:
my phone wall plate is split: one jack for line one, another for line two(not used).
Line one jack -> OOMA provided splitter -> [DSL splitter->[DSL modem + not used]+Wall port on OOMA hub]

The hub is upstairs and the scout is downstairs, both the phones are cordless. The scout's phone is a Panasonic (KX-TG5672,) and the hub phone is an old Uniden 900MHz
All three [hub, modem, and router] are plugged into my UPS, the phones and the scout are not.
My DSL is on the same number with the home phone, and had been 'dry loop'.

All the call from the hub (i.e. from the phone that connects to the hub) is decent, even that there is a low volume hum through out, similar to many others have reported.

All the call from the scout is bad, actually, there is no connection at all, even no ringing: the phone goes silent, the tab turns red, and the DSL LED on my modem flashing--my dsl is going down. Last night, I tried again from the scout (around midnight) I was able to connect the call to a LA number. However, at the conversation went on, the tab turned red, and the DSL LED flashed, but the call did not drop. The call quality was bad, hard to hear, and loud static at both ends. After the call, I had to reboot the modem to get dsl reconnected.

Today, I bring the scout "closer to the hub"--to a different phone jack in the same room with the hub. I also switch the phones, the Panasonic connects to the hub, the old Uniden to the scout.
I also set QoS (@ setup.ooma.com) of upstream to 0.

All the call from the hub is good. Even the infamous hum is gone.

All the call from the scout is similar to quality of yesterday's calls from the hub, there is a low hum on both end and a little difficult to hear on the other end. This time the tab remain blue, and the dsl stay on.

I guess that the communication between the hub and the scout somehow causes an interference, or the voltage differential is the problem, or the improper grounding is the cause, will the mysterious three prongs plug solve it?

I am going to wait for some opinon before calling tech support.

Keep up the good works folks

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Yes, murphy

I have DSL splitter and connect it as OOMA recommended.
The scout connects directly to the phone jack without DSL filter (as OOMA recommended.) The wiring in the house was rewired about 5 years ago, and line 1 & line 2 had been split to separated jacks at the wall plates.

The point here is the distance between the hub and the scout. The longer the distance, the worse the inferences/quality of calls, the closer the less inference/better call's quality.

And no one would buy additional scouts and have to put it next to the hub!!! It goes against the business model of OOMA to encurage us to buy more scouts to expand our system.

I believe this is a serious problem, or is it my house wiring at false?
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Re: Scout's placement: from low hum to bring down the DSL

Post by murphy » Wed Mar 04, 2009 4:13 am

You do not want the DSL signal to reach the wall port of the hub or the scout. The ideal connection is to separate the incoming line into two lines, one with the DSL signal and one without the DSL signal. You need a DSL splitter to do this. The line with the DSL signal goes direct to the DSL modem and no where else. The line without the DSL signal feeds the rest of the house. No other DSL filters are needed anywhere else in the house. You can then plug the wall jacks of the hub and the scout into the house wiring.
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[Fixed]: Scout's placement: from low hum to bring down the D

Post by tommies » Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:37 pm

Thank you Murphy, and many others.

It works for me now, and the work around is discus in detail in this thread:


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