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#58137 by ladysman
Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:07 am
First off i've been an ooma customer since January. Everything has gone smoothly since day one until recently. In the last week, i've had problems with only certain callers. (Them calling us) These problems never existed before. The one i'm most concerned about is on ATT Uverse that doesn't have any otehr problems with calls...just us.

Here is the email I got from my wife this morning:
So this morning my parents tried calling on the 2nd ring I went to answer and no one there. They called back we talked for 10 seconds call dropped, that happened again. They said when they called this morning it rang and rang and then it beeped almost like a fax machine or something.

I called from my iphone and work phone and it's fine. I get no other problems from anyone.

My setup is a 30-35mb down 11mb (always) up Comcast connection. Nothing has changed in the configuration. Ooma is behind the router and always has been. it's set to have a static DHCP so the IP never changes. Router is an Asus RT-N16 flashed with tomato (Awesome by the way). No QoS anymore as it's just not needed with this much bandwidth.

Anything I should look for? Looking for some direction. I will post up the Modem levels when i get home and anything else you guys recommend.

Seems like it started when I got the new firmware on the teleo but i could be wrong.

Thanks guys and gals. :)
#58138 by southsound
Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:15 am
This isn't just a problem - it is a MAJOR PROBLEM! When your bride's parents can't get through it is like telling them that you decided to quit work and join the circus because the dating pool is better. :shock:

I hope that they can get it straightened out for you quickly. Since it has been working well in the past it might be due to a routing change in the carrier that ooma uses to terminate calls - but that is only a guess. If support at 888 711-6662 is not able to help you might want to give Ntoy a shout. He's one of the ooma moderators (read "super tech") who can probably get things sorted out.

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