dialing toll free conference number records call as VM

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dialing toll free conference number records call as VM

Post by laqban » Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:30 pm

When I dial my toll-free conference call number (an 877 area code) and my meeting code everything goes as planned, but some amount of time later (5-10 mins) I get a system message that says I have exceeded the maximum time that Ooma can record a message. I'm not sure how it is that I dial out a call and somehow this gets recorded as a message, but this is sure strange.

I had it happen several times in one day last month and have stopped using my handset for these conference calls.

I saw after doing some more searching that others have had this same issue. I have not tried to make another conference call for fear of getting the embarrasing message 5 minutes in about exceeding the maximum time.Is there some 'magic' code I'm triggering by typing in my conference call number that triggers the recording? Is there some setting I can switch off in the Ooma service? I tried some searching in the forums but didn't seem to find anything on point.

Can anyone tell me if the recent updates to the Ooma system have sorted this out so that I can try to use my phone again for these conference calls?

I have the Ooma Core system and am a Premier service member. Any help would be appreciated as I don't get very good reception from my cell phones for these calls and using the Ooma line is the ideal solution for me. Thanks!


Re: dialing toll free conference number records call as VM

Post by ntoy » Wed Jun 09, 2010 4:27 pm


When this happens, are the conference callers also hearing the voicemail greeting played?
And the send-to-vm button wasn't accidentally pushed during the call?

If not, please try to capture a log of the number, date, & timestamp of when it happened - you can email me directly.


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