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#57147 by MoopMeep
Tue Jun 01, 2010 7:36 pm
So I have trouble calling Osaka Japan. People can call me and the connection is fine but if I call them then they can't hear me or everything is garbled. So I email the support people, explain the situation, they respond with a que card response, I reply and then they want information about the number in japan I am calling. I send the requested info back to them, three occasions of calling the number in Japan, they respond that someone will look at it in 48 hours and then after a week I get a response that they (ooma) are routing the call properly and that "Since the call is going overseas we don’t know what other variables that can be causing the issue in Japan. ".

So I started thinking about it because it seems like the folks at ooma don't really seem too concerned, it seems like some countries are ok and some are not. The ooma support guy says they are routing the call properly but his response doesn't really give me too much confidence. I would think the provider in the remote country would be aware if their service was subpar, so I am really thinking that the problem is something to do with the routing that ooma does.

Does anyone have any info about what has been done in the past to fix international calling?

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