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#56736 by donl1133
Wed May 26, 2010 4:08 pm
Have a telo which i got up and running a week ago when my number got ported over. Have DSL with ATT at 1.5 down and 384 up. When I run speed test with I get good results ( 1315 down, 323 up), but when I use voip/speed I get from 78393 to 121880 download and 325925 to 329480 upload. Thought upload was supposed to be less than download. Also tells me I have 26 ping, 0 packet loss, 1 jitter. says jitter: you to server0.7ms, server to you 6.4ms. Download QoS 16%, Upload QoS 99%. Max. TCP delay 843ms. Avg. download pause 297ms. Do these numbers tell anyone anything, as I seem to experince delay during phone conversations and I have changed the settings for the telo, but that doesn't seem to help. I have a Siemans speedstream 4100 B modem from Att. My hookup is Modem-telo-Netgear wireless-N 150 router. Hope someone can help
#56737 by lbmofo
Wed May 26, 2010 4:20 pm
70K to 120K download don't look too good. Also, Max. TCP delay 843ms is bad; I think it is supposed to be less than 100ms.

One thing you can do before the experts chime in is to open the Ooma setup page by browsing to from a computer connected behind the "HOME" port of the Ooma device and configure your ooma to use built in MAC address.
#56752 by donl1133
Wed May 26, 2010 5:51 pm
changed the setting for the ooma device and ran another test with Results were about the same except the upload speed went down to 240. With the TCP delay stayed at 843ms but the download pause dropped to about 260ms. So will wait and see how the conversations are with this setting.
#56756 by lbmofo
Wed May 26, 2010 6:07 pm
Not sure about DSL modem but with Cable modem, after the MAC address configuration, need to turn off everything and then turn on 1 by 1 starting with modem (wait until device comes online), ooma, then router if there is one. Try that if haven't.
#56775 by sfhub
Wed May 26, 2010 10:16 pm
Simplify the setup, connect PC using wired ethernet, disable wireless (on the PC) if any
Remove the Telo from the picture

Connect modem->netgear->PC

Remove Netgear from the picture

Connect modem->PC (download PPPoE software for PC if necessary)

You can cut and paste results instead of transcribing by hand.
#57053 by donl1133
Mon May 31, 2010 6:58 am
Finally getting back to the delay problem. Ran the tests like sfhub said but can't seem to cut & paste results so will type them here.
jitter: you-server 6.8ms
server-you 11.0ms
packet loss 0.0% both ways
packet discards 0.0%
packets out of order 0.0%
Estimated MOS score 3.9

Download speed 122304bps
Upload speed 329712bps
Download QoS 16%
UPload QoS 99%
Max TCPdelay 843 ms
Avg. download pause 296 ms
Minimum round trip 80 ms
Avg. round trip 82 ms
Est download bandwidth 1120000bps
Route concurrency 9.157509
Download TCP forced idle 0%

Modem- PC

Jitter you-server 0.3
Jitter server-you 6.6
packet loss 0.0%
Packet discards 0.0%
MOS score 3.9

Download speed 125160bps
Up speed 329744bps
Down Qos 18%
Up Qos 99%
MaxTCP delay 843ms
Avg download pause 285ms
Minimum round trip 82ms
Avg. trip 83ms
Dowmload bandwidth 1200000bps
Route concurrency 9.587728
Download TCP forced idle 0%

Also changed the ooma setting and rebooted all componets in the order given by lbmofo. Maybe will have to delete firewall in router. Hope someone can help. Thanks
#57062 by sfhub
Mon May 31, 2010 8:42 am
It looks like your delays are somewhere between the modem and the test server and not related to Ooma.

Could you also run pingplotter ( OR traceroute (tracert.exe or traceroute depending on your OS) to,, and . This will give you an idea whether the delays are a path specific problem or a problem with all traffic.

If you find the ping times are high, see if they are high through the whole route to the destination server, or if they are ok for the first few hops, but then go up a lot further down the route. If the latter, then something needs to change at ATT. If the former, then it needs more investigation.

If you have access to another modem you could swap in quickly, I'd try that to eliminate it as a possibility.

If not, (or if that doesn't work) I would contact higher level support using the ATT Direct (special forum where higher level techs look at problems) forum at DSLReports and ask them to look on their end to see why your times are so high. Tell them your ping times are very high to yahoo and google.

When I tested on ATT DSL, ping times to yahoo were around 12ms. To google was 22ms. YMMV but unless something is different about how they config your area, you should be close to those #s.
#57064 by sfhub
Mon May 31, 2010 8:46 am
donl1133 wrote:can't seem to cut & paste results so will type them here.

On the advanced page, there is a link on the bottom right of the stats that says "View text"
Once you click on that a separate window will open up. You can highlight the text in that window and cut and paste.
#57161 by donl1133
Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:07 am
Called Att tech support. They checked modem for speed and said all was working as was supposed to. Told me to call Ooma, so did that. They had me run a speed test and told me I needed to upgrade my speed, which i don't believe is the problem. Then ran some tests with pingplotter. I don't understand (not to smart about all the terminolgy) how it all works, but it seems that I am getting poor round trip times with yahoo mainly. Here are some results, hope they mean something to some of you. With Yahoo - 1st. 3 hops were 0, rest of the hops avg. 91- 100 round trip. With Google- 1st. 3 hops 0, rest 28-30 round trip. With pingplotter -1st. 3 hops 0, rest 30-31 round trip. So does this mean that Yahoo seems to have more of a delay than the rest of the IP's? I know there are some of you that can chime in and help solve this problem, just bear with me, because I am not that smart with these things. Thanks

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