Line stays open after dropped calls so can't call out

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Re: Line stays open after dropped calls so can't call out

Post by southsound » Thu May 20, 2010 12:31 pm

JMReed wrote:According to ooma directions it is supposed to work with the landline plugged in. I have checked all instructions and everything is connected as recommended with the landline. Either the instructions are inaccurate or the product offering is not correct (meaning you really can't have your emergency landline connected to ooma). Yes I could have two phones seperately ringing in the house for the evaluation but it is not the gonna answer the original situation and question I posed.

Because of the two aforementioned possibilities I would like ooma's response on this unless they aren't monitoring the forums.
Most of the people who are on the forum are users - and those like murphy and others love helping other users. We aren't paid by ooma so we can sometimes give advice that ooma does not care to offer. Quite frankly, landline integration (how your system is configured) is one of the poorest ideas that I have ever seen. It limits your ability to test the system, does NOT provide emergency backup to your landline in a power failure (they left the relay out of the Telo) and does not really show you how well the system will work when your landline is disconnected. If you really want to know how it will work for you, do as murphy said - call ooma at 888 711-6662 and have them remove the integration and give you a new ooma number. Then, if you wish, you can call forward your landline to that number. You will be able to test your system and all of the features of the system will be working. I you and your bride find it to be acceptable quality, then you can port your number. I have a landline because it is cheaper to keep it than not (DSL through Qwest). I would NEVER consider using landline integration.
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