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#53687 by jrspe
Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:04 am
Here is a copy of an e-mail on how I got my internet connection fixed in case it might help anyone else ...

"Hooray! At last, it appears that our internet cable connection has settled down and stopped dropping out on us.

For the longest time our internet connection would randomly and intermittently drop out on us – apparently without rhyme or reason and for indeterminate periods of time. Never really noticed or cared too much until we switched our phones over to the Ooma VOIP system where internet reliability is critical. Anyway, after several calls to Motorola Cable Modem Tech Support, calls to Cable Tech Support, and two Cable Service calls to the house, I determined that the problem was that the cable signal was a little bit too strong and when it would occasionally spike, it would cause the modem to go offline. So, I made a final call and used the secret, magic words which one of the cable service guys whispered to me, “… if this problem doesn’t get fixed, I will have to switch our internet service over to DSL.” Enter Yoda, the Cable Guy, who, I learned through our casual conversation, has been a cable guy in ****** for at least the past 20 years. Zip-zap … new connections throughout the house, new splitters, and a couple of new mystery boxes installed. Signals are now down to acceptable levels and everything seems rock solid. Download speeds are 25Mb/s and higher. Upload speed is 2+ Mb/s.

To quote Homer Simpson, “Woohoo”.

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