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#52443 by da-cam
Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:09 pm
I just called tech support to ask if they can increase the Jitter buffer and they said no. I don't understand. I am told by my DSL provider (AT) that my line is fine (download/upload = 1.5-2.4/0.2-0.4) but Jitter is anywhere from 5-400 ms. When the Jitter is high, Ooma call quality stinks of course. I can do nothing to change Jitter on my line, but I have read that a Voip provider can increase the buffer size. I have begun to use Skype video calls and while it is the same line, Skype call quality is always good but Ooma is intelligible when the jitter goes above 5ms. The other day I had to hang up Ooma and Skype the person to finish the conversation. Others?
#52451 by Davesworld
Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:37 pm
I believe the jitter buffering adjustment would have to be done in your ATA whether the Hub or the Telo and may need to be done in a firmware upgrade. For example I have a few Audiocodes MP-118 FXS units I am testing a few providers with and the MP-118s jitter buffer is set at 10ms default but I have complete control over it myself. Obviously the higher the buffer, the longer the delay.

Ooma is reportedly more sensitive to jitter than other providers with their ATAs or ATAs in a BYOD scenario where it is adjusted to achieve as little delay as possible while adequately buffering jitter. Since I do not know what the value is set at on either the Hub or Telo nor can I see it, I can only speculate.
#52517 by da-cam
Wed Apr 07, 2010 7:21 pm
I use a Hub and there is nothing in the Hub's control panel that allows for buffer adjustment. My modem/router is a 2wire 2700, provided by ATT, and it too has no controls, not even QOS settings. I have asked both ATT and Ooma for assistance in the Jitter arena and got nothing from both companies. ATT claimed their line test showed "all systems passed" and with a current 2.4/.43 speed, they are more than pleased given my level of service.

I find it really ironic that Ooma support has now given me completely opposite advise on how to improve my line quality: a) put my network (switch) on the Ooma Hub (home) port and adjust QOS on Ooma, and later (different support agent), put the network (switch) on the 2wire, which happens to be the original configuration anyway. My impression, they have no idea what to do, and cant' help me with Jitter buffer. I think a delay is better than intelligible (and therefore seek another service VOIP provider).

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