This forum includes tips for maintaining the best audio quality possible with the Ooma System. If your Ooma system is having issues with dropped calls, static audio or echo, look here for assistance.
#258 by robkap
Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:06 pm
My Ooma service works pretty well.

I'm not more enthusiastic because of a couple of persistent problems.

The relatively minor problem are echo's, which often are present for the first few seconds of a call...for some reason, local calls seem more likely to echo.

The larger trouble for us is call quality. It is usually good when our Comcast Cable Modem network is quiet. But in higher-stress times for the Comcast network (e.g., early evening), the MySpeed VoIP test reveals that our QOS drops to poor levels, and people on the other side of the call complain about quality...and we experience drop-outs and lower quality.

My system is installed per manual, between modem and router.

I've contacted Comcast about the problem, but they are allergic to helping with such a problem - as long as you have a good down speed, they think you should be happy. If you dare to mention VoIP, their only suggestion is that you get the comcast phone service.

I've taken the tack of telling them that I'm a gamer, and that I lose voice connection when chatting during games, but they are absolutely no help. Even if you can get someone who knows what QOS is, they are pretty honest about telling you that they will not help. I've even emailed the Comcast corporate hotline for problems that the local folks on the ground can't/won't solve, and received deafening silence in response.

So there may be no fix for us and this problem. But I would like to know if tech support has any further suggestions...and if anyone in the community at large has had similar experience - and might have a smart idea.

#259 by boelmer
Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:39 pm
I have had the hub for 6 months now and am a fan, overall. Like you, I experience echos frequently and have received complaints by the remote party about the amount of static they hear. Oddly, I hear them perfectly and wouldn't have known there was an issue otherwise. These complaints started about a month ago. Most of my calls take place in the evening, so it's possible bandwidth is simply at a premium.

I use Qwest and my system is set up per the manual between router and modem, as well.

I'm going to test my connection at and see if I need to make any changes to my advanced settings.
#264 by Bobby B
Wed Jun 25, 2008 5:48 pm
Just to add - since your upstream bandwidth seems to be variable, I'd take a upstream bandwidth measurement (with when you're experiencing your lowest upstream bandwidth (presumably in the evening). Use that upstream value when configuring your QoS on ooma.

As a tip: The QoS algorithm works better if you underestimate the amount of upstream bandwidth you actually have available. For example, if the measurement is 256Kbps, you might set your upstream bandwidth to 220Kbps. ooma will only reserve bandwidth when you're on an active call.
#269 by johnboy
Fri Jun 27, 2008 7:29 am
Interesting to see this post. A tech support person at OOMA spent a GREAT deal of time with me. It is clearly a Comcast problem. Comcast, as you noted, is not sympathetic. They don't care about lost packets, network traffic causing variations, etc. I really spent HOURS and nearly a dozen e-mails back and forth. Tech support here at OOMA was amazing. I know exactly where the problem is at my end and how to make it worse. I can't make it better. Here's some of my problems:

1. The wiring in my home is old... the black coax stuff. newer wire is WHITE and a bit thicker. I don't have a convenient location for my modem/hub except to use the black stuff - a problem.

2. I moved my modem to a direct feed from outside (white wire), but then used a "HOME PLUG" device to route the modem output to the OOMA hub - router. An OK and 'acceptable' answer, but not as good as direct feed - modem - OOMA - router. I am stuck unless I want to find another 50 lb kid to prance around my attic in 120 degree heat again with new wire.

3. My house wiring uses amplifiers - not so great for BIDIRECTIONAL SIGNALS. With the Black wires, this makes things unacceptable.

4. And with all of this as I have it set up, voice quality is perfect. BUT BUT BUT... If I use P2P (Shareaza) on a wireless unit from the router (which IS behind OOMA), my QOS settings just don't make a difference. At anything over 5kbps upstreat from Shareaza, my outgoing voice takes a dump. Additional traffic (not really sure why because OOMA IS IN FRONT of the router) on other computers wired or unwired just make it worse too. I have tried all sorts of QOS settings. I have tried the VOIP testing and all works perfectly unless I 'stress' my Comcast connection. VOIP testing actually tells me that my OUTGOING goes down to 300kpbs (when it is supposed to be 1.5mpbs) when I 'push' (allow) the outgoing P2P to 10-20kpbs.

5. I was told by tech support at Comcast that they see the problem at their end when I do it and was told to call for a tech and to do the stress thing while they watched. That's a multi-hour affair. I will when I have time to sit around from 4-8pm. But I thought you would like to know.

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