Poor DSL Service - Almost Reasonable Ooma Quality

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Poor DSL Service - Almost Reasonable Ooma Quality

Post by bilbro » Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:33 am

I'm looking for advice regarding what I can expect. I'm in a rural area and as far as I know I only have one choice for a high speed connection; DSL provided by the local telephone provider. I've taken the plunge and am now using Ooma ove this DSL service. I've noticed call quality issues off and on. If I do a VoIP quality test the results are variable, but almost always show very poor values in jitter, especially on the outgoing leg.

Here are two results from this morning, about 15 minutes apart:

Jitter: you  server 223.5 ms
Jitter: server  you 16.3 ms
Packet loss: you  server 0%
Packet loss: server  you 2.3%
Packet discards 74.4%
Packets out of order 0%
Estimated MOS score 3.5

Jitter: you  server 15.4 ms
Jitter: server  you 1.0 ms
Packet loss: you  server 0%
Packet loss: server  you 0%
Packet discards 5%
Packets out of order 0%
Estimated MOS score 3.8

Have any of you had any success in dealing with a DSL provide in getting any improvement on the DSL service, any chance it will be worth my while to call them? Any other suggestions for what I can do to get the most out of my service?

For now I'm running with DSL Modem -> Ooma -> Router and have QoS enabled on Ooma. I'd rather have the Ooma Telo after my router, but I'm trying to squeak out the best call quality I can. I don't know what QoS capabilities my router has, so that's something I could explore.

I'm open to any suggestions!

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Re: Poor DSL Service - Almost Reasonable Ooma Quality

Post by southsound » Tue Mar 23, 2010 5:05 pm

I also live in a rural area - in fact, I was shocked when DSL became available to our island (located in the lower Puget Sound) last year. Our top speed is 1.5 down / .768 up. I live fairly close to the RTE (remote terminal equipment) but a few months ago my DSL speeds seemed like good dialup speeds! I later found out that of the 4 trunks that feed our RTE, 3 of them were down. I was not the only person who had poor quality and speeds - the entire south end our the island was suffering the same thing. The difference was that I took multiple readings, recorded them in a spread sheet, then covered myself by getting another modem to test and even when out to the Network Interface Box on the outside of our house with my modem and laptop to check speeds and quality with no internal wiring. Then I called up the technical support/service folks at Qwest and told them what I was dealing with. They sent out a technician, verified the results I was getting, and set into action a lot of backend testing. The discovered the problem and the next day I was back up to great performance. And so were several other hundreds of people who didn't even know to complain.

My recommendation is that you first make sure your own wiring or modem are not a fault. Then take some readings and record them. Call your DSL provider's tech support and let them know what you are seeing. I'll bet that they will take care of things to the best of their ability. It might mean using a new pair of wires in the cable to feed your drop, terminating the drop at your location, changing a defective card in their RTE, or any number of other issues. Bottom line, they want you to be happy. Deal with them calmly and in an informed way and you will get satisfaction. Then let us know how things work out.

Also, welcome to ooma and to the forums!
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