Continuous OOMA issues

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Re: Continuous OOMA issues

Post by swynn97 » Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:22 pm

I wondered about tagging too. I tag packets from the OOMA with dotQ for my switch environment. That said, once the packets leave my router Comcast just ignores tagging I'm sure. They have their own voice product.

I personally think OOMA just goes down and I cannot do SIP registration, and also there are termination issues into the phone networks. When I have blue lights I can typically get great calls.

I transferred 100GB over my switch while making calls and everything was fine - VoIP test said the jitter was little off because I was sharing the same ethernet cable, but not beyond spec.

Anyhow, I'm enabling end to end QOS in the router this weekend, so OOMA should never have any traffic issues on my network.


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