Telo Blinking Red

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Telo Blinking Red

Post by larrys1 » Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:09 pm

I got my Telo hooked up yesterday (between modem and router) and everything has been fine until today. Now it keeps blinking red about every ten minutes or so. My internet connection is working, speed test shows good speed (10 mbs down/1.5 up) and I can surf the net even while it is blinking. I picked up the phone while it was blinking and it is a fast busy signal. Any ideas???

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Re: Telo Blinking Red

Post by The Talker » Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:12 pm

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Re: Telo Blinking Red

Post by amoney » Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:13 pm

Known issue currently, just hang tight.

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