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#43224 by amoore12
Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:34 pm

In your settings suggestions in this post, may I ask what differnce it will make with a switch/router connected to the OOMA instead of just a single PC? My switch/router has connections for my PC and a wireless access point. Both devices are Cisco. The switch/router is an ASA.

#43247 by Groundhound
Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:55 pm
amoore12 wrote:Groundhog,

In your settings suggestions in this post, may I ask what differnce it will make with a switch/router connected to the OOMA instead of just a single PC? My switch/router has connections for my PC and a wireless access point. Both devices are Cisco. The switch/router is an ASA.


I assume your question was for me? The recommendations I made earlier in this thread were for "nhandy007" based upon the info he/she provided. For a switch/router connected behind Ooma, where Ooma can provide QoS prioritization for phone service relative to other Internet traffic (if needed), the general rule of thumb is to set the upstream and downstream QoS parameters to be about 80% of the sustained bandwidth available. This is more important for lower broadband speed tiers or situations where there is high home network demand for Internet bandwidth, such as torrents, video, etc.

Lots of folks choose to run their Ooma behind their router, and let the router control QoS prioritization as necessary. How you set those priorities in this configuration is router specific, but in general you make sure that the router always assigns the same IP to Ooma and you set the traffic for that IP to be of the highest priority, with all other traffic set a bit lower.
#62041 by mudwoman
Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:48 am
I am having the transmission delay which results in everyone talking over each other, and it is unsustainable in my line of work. So I might need to return the Ooma if it cannot be fixed. I did the speed test, and it says I should have good service. I don't consider this delay to be in the "good" category. Any insights, anyone?

VoIP test statistics
Jitter: you --> server: 0.8 ms
Jitter: server --> you: 1.0 ms
Packet loss: you --> server: 0.0 %
Packet loss: server --> you: 0.0 %
Packet discards: 0.0 %
Packets out of order: 0.0 %
Estimated MOS score: 4.1

Speed test statistics
Download speed: 5854888 bps
Upload speed: 1988712 bps
Download quality of service: 97 %
Upload quality of service: 99 %
Download test type: socket
Upload test type: socket
Maximum TCP delay: 53 ms
Average download pause: 4 ms
Minimum round trip time to server: 44 ms
Average round trip time to server: 46 ms
Estimated download bandwidth: 27200000bps
Route concurrency: 4.645691
Download TCP forced idle: 58 %
Maximum route speed: 11915448bps
#62096 by rodak
Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:55 am
I wish I knew what caused it, or how to fix it. I had the same problem with Magic Jack, along with other problems. The delay is the only real problem I have with OOma, and for the money, we've chosen to just live with it.

I currently have AT&T DSL Ultra (1.5Mbps), and the service has always been good, but for economic reasons, I'll be switching to Charter cable internet next week, with a max rate of 8Mbps. I'll report back here in a week or so and let you know if I saw any difference with the change of ISP.

I have my Telo behind my Router, just like you. My Modem and Router are separate, so I did try placing the Ooma between the modem and router, which seemed to improve the delay problem, but I couldn't leave it that way for long because when connected like that, my Internet connection would intermittently drop out for several minutes at a time - this would happen about every 10-20 minutes or so. In that case I tried another suggestion found here, to set the Ooma to use the internal MAC, which did not help, and also to set it for Dynamic DHCP - with that set, NOTHING worked. I have tried contacting Ooma support via the web form, but have received no response.
#62235 by mudwoman
Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:10 pm
I spent an hour or so on line with Ooma support, and escalated support, today, and have come to the SAD conclusion that I must pack my Telo back up and return it to Best Buy. :( I loved the features, but if the other caller and I are constantly repeating ourselves or talking over each other because of a 1-second delay, it is not usable. Ooma escalated support admitted that despite my good specs with speed tests and jitter, etc., they just don't play well with every broadband connection. He also said that the Comcast cable could be slowed down if a lot of people are on it. I have not experienced this kind of thing with our cable phone, so it seems like VoIP is the issue. I'm not even going to try other VoIPs - don't trust that they will be any better, for the same reasons. Supposedly there's a few things in the works for Ooma, currently in Beta, that are going to address the problem, so I'll keep checking, because I love the features and the Google Voice integration, but the 1-second delay is just not tolerable.
#63461 by rodak
Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:27 pm
Well, I switched from AT&T 1.5Mbps DSL to Charter 8Mbps, and that has mostly fixed my delay problem. My AT&T DSL always gave me around 1.2Mbps on speed tests, and the VOiP test always returned very good results, but with Charter, I get between 14Mbps and 18Mbps download speed and around 300Kbps upload (AT&T was more like 200-250Kbps upload). The other factor that may have affected the delay was the location of my Telo - with AT&T, I was unable to put it between the modem and my router - doing so, Ooma worked fine, I'd lose but my Internet connection every 10-15 minutes for a minute or two. With Charter, I'm able to finally put my Ooma between the Modem and router with no problems. With the AT&T setup, I did have QoS turned on in my router (I run Tomato on a WRT54GL), and assigned VoIP traffic to Highest, but that didn't seem to help. The delay was almost always present, around a half second (1 second round-trip), sometimes more it seems. This was even when we had virtually no Internet activity from anywhere else it the house. With the Charter connection, there's still a delay, but it's more like 200-300ms, and it's enough to make the difference between consistently awkward conversations and conversations that have almost no problems with "stepping on the other guys words"

I don't have an explanation for what fixed it, but I'm just glad it fixed.

BTW, I had the same delay problem with Magic jack, but MJ had other problems, which caused me to go to Ooma.

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