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#50579 by lbmofo
Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:44 am
I just activiated hub/scout combo. For me, the buzzing happens only for local calls; I am hoping when the number port is complete, the buzzing will go away even for local calls.
#52038 by lbmofo
Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:08 pm
trim81 wrote:
djcentinno wrote:I can officially confirm the buzzing noise in the background has completely stopped after Ooma (won't mention the person's name who was on the address label) graciously sent me, at no charge, a 3-prong grounded Hub power supply! I cannot thank Ooma enough for taking my problem seriously and delivering wonderful customer service in the process.

Ooma is Oomawsome!

P.S. A suggestion would be to provide this type of power supply with all future products. In turn, this may eliminate many of the buzzing noise or even static problems other users are experiencing.

Very interesting, can you snap a photo of this infamous power supply?

I like to see it for future reference...

If I got the same 3 prong power supply, it is just a Globteck 12V 1.25A adapter with 3 prongs. As I discovered, my landline is noisy so this 3 prong power supply didn't help me. I am only hearing it during local and toll free calls so this problem should go away once my port is complete.

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