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#37577 by Marshall
Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:45 am
Sometime within the last week or two (don't know exactly when it started), I'm no longer able to send faxes to some numbers I'd successfully used before. Even if I call the fax number on the phone, it'll drop the call.

When the receiving fax answers with handshake tone, the call disconnects after about ten seconds and goes to Ooma dialtone (hub line "1" light blinks once as call drops). It doesn't matter whether I use *99 or not. Nothing on the internet side has changed recently. I do have hub after router but this shouldn't matter as I have a high speed (20/5) connection. In any case, faxes used to work.

For example I have an eFax number that will disconnect my Ooma line every time I call it: 413-480-4855. Any ideas?

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