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#29688 by lgregor13
Tue Oct 27, 2009 5:33 pm
I only have a couple people that I need to dial long distance. One location in particular is in a very small town in Iowa - calling to a landline serviced by Butler-Bremer Communications. I have been having trouble when calling them off and on but I've been dialing a 1 first. Sometime the line is really fuzzy - like a cell phone can get when in a bad area. Sometimes I call and it seems to ring but it never actually makes their phone ring. The latter happened again today so I tried to dial with out the 1 first. We connected right away and the line was clear for the whole 45 minute conversation!

Does dialing the 1 first when 10 digit dialing is enabled cause a bad connection? I guess I was dialing the 1 out of habit. I hope leaving off the 1 is a real solution because I was getting annoyed and having to use my cell phone minutes because of the connection issues.

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