Service Ports Used By Ooma and what they are used for.

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Service Ports Used By Ooma and what they are used for.

Post by Davesworld » Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:36 am

In case anyone wants to know about the various ports used by ooma and what they are actually used for. I figured I'd make a list from IANA. Any deviation from these ports for their intended use SHOULD NOT be used and I doubt ooma deviates from their intended use as listed below where possible.

domain 53/tcp Domain Name Server
domain 53/udp Domain Name Server

ntp 123/udp Network Time Protocol

https 443/tcp http protocol over TLS/SSL

syslog 514/udp Remote Syslog Server

openvpn 1194/udp OpenVPN

gprs-sig 3386/udp GPRS SIG

plethora 3480/udp Secure Virtual Workspace

various 10000 to 20000 Multiple large ranges of unassigned ports Per IANA and many assigned ones, thousands of them!

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