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#22826 by dieselfish
Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:07 am
Ok, it seems to be working now. I turned off the wireless on my 2 wire gateway using it as just a modem and have the Oom a hub in dmz mode. I have my 16 port switch plugged into the home port and using the Ooma hub for dhcp. Should I get a firewall?
#22830 by Groundhound
Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:17 am
The hub acts as a firewall. It sounds like you no longer have wireless, so you'll need a wireless router if you want that capability.
#22897 by dieselfish
Thu Oct 01, 2009 7:14 am
Yes, I am ordering one. I can do without, though. I have the house wired. It just sucks that I have to use these ooma
hubs and the phone docks. They become cluttersome.
#23145 by jdjohnston
Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:56 pm
I have the same setup,but I do use the uVerse for television as well. The QoS in the 2 Wire device is specifically for the use of the uVerse Telephone service. When you connect the Ooma hub to the 2Wire and then go to your 2Wire device via a web browser you should see a notification from the 2Wire that says it detected a "router behind a router" setup and basically puts the 2Wire into a passthrough mode. The Ooma hub will handle its own QoS in the "router behind router" mode and should give you the quality you need for your voice calls. When I first setup the Ooma, and just let it sit behind the 2Wire, calls were very choppy and poor quality. Once the Ooma hub began acting as the gateway router, all was good. There are some very good postings on these forums and links to tools to test your network settings and quality. Voice is a totally different beast when it comes IP. Ooma definitely isn't 100% but most voice/call quality issues are related to two things, NAT and Network quality in my experience. I never thought about the 2Wire wireless jumping ahead in the priority but it sounds like thats what you were experiencing and not using solved your problem. One suggestion, whatever wireless device you get, run it behind Ooma hub of course and make sure you are using it in AP mode and not as an additional router. Not sure I added much to this thread but just wanted to pass on my experience.
#23340 by Leeway
Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:15 am
I can't imagine why you had to turn off wireless?

I have U-Verse running everything and my Ooma hub plugged into the 2Wire. I did get the router behind router message but all you need to do is click 'ok' and your'e all set.

The 2Wire is the only router I have and I also have a Netgear switch to give me more ports. The voice quality is excellent.
#23344 by jdjohnston
Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:31 am
Take QoS out of the equation as the 2Wire only handles QoS for its own applications, eg, voice, TV, etc. So if the Ooma hub is behind the 2Wire it will handle all of the QoS and manage the packets and ultimately bandwidth usage. Nothing gets out to the internet unless it passes through Ooma hub. Add WiFi from the 2Wire and you are bypassing what the Ooma hub is doing. Every scenario can be different based on the speed of your Internet connection, what other devices you are running etc, even with the same exact equipment.
#34534 by fastlane01
Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:58 am
I just searched on Uverse and Ooma and found this thread after starting another.

The 2Wire unit is great because it ensures QoS on Video AND phone if you're using the phone - but if you want the better Ooma service, you can't select a port or MAC address from the router portion of the unit to give similar QoS priority to.

This wouldn't usually be a concern as the 2Wire has a DMZPlus mode - basically, you put the Ooma into the DMZ, put the home network behind the Ooma and the video feed still gets QoS from the 2Wire and all seems fine. The problem is that AT&T's head units for video now have the capability to play video, music, photos, etc. from a HomeServer or MediaCenter - this is really nice such that you don't need a media center extender on a home network - they just connect to media over the HPNA network(for example, you have Coax coming out of the wall, plug in the AT&T box and you can play media from the home network). The other benefit is that the AT&T box's ethernet port then acts as another network tap - so, HPNA to AT&T box, network tap to an Xbox or PS3 and presto, instant network. The problem is that the HPNA network and the Ooma ethernet network become seperate, so you can't see the gear on the Ooma network and vice versa, so the AT&T boxes are just TV head units when they could be SO MUCH more.

2Wire needs to make the QoS setting enabled when something is in DMZPlus mode - so, I plug all my devices into the router ports of the 2Wire, then the Ooma is by itelf with QoS and phone calls would work perfectly - that would be the best of both worlds.

I have logged a suggestion to AT&T for this - anyone else with Uverse should, too.

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