Heavy echo

This forum includes tips for maintaining the best audio quality possible with the Ooma System. If your Ooma system is having issues with dropped calls, static audio or echo, look here for assistance.
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Heavy echo

Post by anant11 » Sat Dec 06, 2008 3:16 pm

My wife is the main user of ooma. Of late, she has been complaining of echo 50% of the time. Latest was a call from Cleveland to Chicago. The following is my set-up - in Oct 2008.
cable modem - OOMA Hub - Router - computers.
Panasonic ( 2-handset) Dsect 6.0 base connected directly to OOMA hub. No scouts or house telephone wiring involved.
I have not played with any settings in OOMA after basic installation.
Can any one help me please ?

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Re: Heavy echo

Post by girimurthy » Thu Dec 11, 2008 2:10 pm

My wife is also complaining the same thing. And it happens for calls to Chicago. Only on some calls there are echo. Some of the Vonage numbers. Is there any issue in calling a vonage customer?

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