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#17400 by rivman20
Wed Aug 26, 2009 8:22 pm
southsound wrote:Not a all. Just use the white/orange pair at each plate. If they are not connected, they go to the black/yellow wires on the jack.

White/orange = Black

Orange/white = Yellow

Just a second thought. If this doesn't work, then the white/orange and orange/white wires are not connected in the network interface. Just open the box and connect like colors together, using either electrical tape, scotchlock connectors, or "beanies".

Yeah, all six are already connected to the jack. i am guessing they are hooked up right. I will get a L1 L2 jack tomorrow. Thanks again.
#17516 by tommies
Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:35 pm
Groundhound wrote:
southsound wrote:1. You can get a 2 line splitter (make sure it is for 2 lines and not just two phones on 1 line) at Radio shack. Place one at the hub and at the scout wall jacks. The wall port on the hub and on the scout will plug into Line 2 of each jack. Your DSL modem will plug into Line 1 of the one near the hub.

This kind of splitter, just to clarify.
Edit: You'll probably need two of them and you'll pay top $ at Radio Shack.

Some one mentions that Fry's carries this for <$2, if you are lucky to have Fry's nearby.

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