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#17144 by danielvanhem
Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:02 pm

My wife just attempted to call our house for about 15 minutes [at 1:30 p.m. MST], receiving a messaging stating that "This call cannot be completed." When she finally got through, everything seemed fine, but we've experienced strange happenings like this throughout this first month of our membership with Ooma. I just completed porting my number last week and am now without a landline. When I called customer support to see why my wife couldn't get through, the specialist's answer was that Ooma was merely updating their system and that is why she was unable to complete the call at the time. How often do these updates occur?

I have two comments to make in regards to this situation.

1) I feel that perhaps these update should be made in the middle of the night [although I do understand that it is always the middle of the night "somewhere"] or we should be informed that these updates are occuring.

2) I have contacted customer service twice in regards to different issues, and both times I feel that the specialist had a difficult time understanding and communicating with me because of some sort of language barrier. Also, the connection with Ooma customer service is always of a very low quality, i.e. lots of echo and delay. It is unsettling to me that Ooma is not better prepared to handle customer issues in a more professional manner. I do, however, understand that the forum is the best place to get the answers and to leave comments.

Anyone else having these issues or concerns?

#17145 by atici
Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:14 pm
I agree and have similar concerns. However my experience has been generally very positive with call quality. There has been a few hiccups, definitely more than ordinary landline. But I know they are resolved fairly quickly (mostly, but issues with not so popular features like "international calls" i know will never be resolved).

ooma customer support could definitely improve. They claim they've been a victim of their own success but this has been really the main concern in all kinds of feedback. Some of the times I reached support, the person knew what I was talking about so it was handled professionally. However a few of the times (esp over email) it was clear that the person had no idea.

On the other hand I know ooma is coming with new features all the time, which is sth I really like over ordinary landline. But this also makes the entire ooma network a bit of a beta test sometimes.

I'd suggest you stick to it and fairly soon things will work quite well.
#17149 by danielvanhem
Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:34 pm
Thanks...I have had a mostly positive experience and am excited to give this a chance to work. My wife is way more skeptical about this service than I am, so I just have to hope that things start to run a little smoother starting now. I think it's great that we have an opportunity to stick it to the phone company, and if that means a hiccup here or there, so be it. So long as the service is available 98% of the time and with at least B+ quality, I will think of it as a success. Now I just have to convince my wife....arrgggh. Thanks again for the nice people in this forum and their generous support.

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