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#109079 by PandT
Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:38 pm
Speed Test:

I have run the speed test from Ooma several times and I get WILDLY varying results:
I can't seem to capture the results without doing a screen grab and editing it (lazy guy here) but I am averaging a yellow to green result and that (If I didn't already know) tells me the servers are a long way away from me.
I am guessing that the problem resides in the fact that the Ooma servers are in CA and I am in MA. Talk about coast to coast... Even with my exorbitantly expensive DOCSIS 3 Internet connection I can anticipate the problems.
This will seriously impact my Faxing performance. Lost packets, jitter, latency and dropped connections.
I REALLY want better and I, for one, am willing to pay something for it.

Are there any plans for Ooma to install a distributed system (servers at major hubs)?
I know you guys have a poor business model but I have done my part in funding it, Premier Member.
Can you guys come up with a funding solution for those of us who are willing to actually pay for our phone service? I mean really, free for the life of the device (Even if not specified, I always assumed it since I live in the real world and NOTHING is really free forever, someone always pays).

This is a REAL question and I would like a considered answer from someone that has actual insight into the Ooma executive class. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for privileged info (actually, I am. Quiet here and not expecting an answer but holding out hope)

I want better network response in Ma. and I am willing to pay for it. I have a horse (my investment in your hardware) in this race and your survival as a low cost provider would make me happier and I do like to be happy :D .

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