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#100637 by Mosaic
Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:14 pm
Hi, have had ooma for 2 years without droped calls. Now, mainly on conected wired home line phone, we are getting droped calls.

Cable modem has good numbers.
The quality numbers are
Download Speed: 6241 kbps
Upload Speed: 982 kbps
Download Consistency of Service 60%
Upload Consistency of Service 97%
Maximum TCP Delay 84ms
Jitter you server 6.0ms
Jitter server you .6ms
Packet loss: you server 0.0%
Packet loss: server you 0.0%
Packet discards 0.0%
Packets out of order 0.0%
Estimated MOS score 4.2

I have checked the "built in" option and done the reset of modem router modem in order. Still have that lower Download Conistency number...with it getting as low as 41 one time I ran the test. Any thoughts? What are the "fixes" for that issue...thanks.
#100642 by thunderbird
Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:28 pm
Your Phonepower Speedtest is ok. Your Download Speed: 6241 kbps is high enough that even if you get a 60 percent reading, it still should work.

Some things to try:
See if your Modem has a Reset function, if so do a Modem Reset, reference your Modem Owner's manual. Note: some Modems contain batteries that must be temporarily removed to have a successful reboot or reset. Then test.

Make sure your Ooma Telo is placed about three to four feet away from all electrical and electronic components. Then Test

Try temporarily connecting Modem-Ooma-Computer and leave the Router disconnected and powered off. Then test.

Try connecting Modem-Router-Ooma. Reserve an IP address for your Ooma Telo in the Router. Then test.

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