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#9054 by southsound
Mon May 04, 2009 10:54 am
I got my local ooma number back in February. Because of some echo problems, I believe that ooma changed CLECs for this area (360 545-xxxx) and since March 18, things have been stable. But to date, I have never had proper outgoing CID. When I call my landline number, it shows up differently on two CID devices. A BellSouth standalone CID says, "UNAVAILABLE" while my Uniden portable says, "Unknown Name". When there is no CNUM information, different devices will display a whatever their default is for no data.

So why this happening? MYSTERY SOLVED!

It seems that there are only a couple of companies who operate the CNUM database for all telcos. If you are in an area where the landline company happens to be one of the owners, no problem. Your number and name should show up almost as soom as it is submitted by ooma. However, if you are in an area that is served by a telco company that is not one of these few then they have to PAY to update their internal database. Some telcos dip in for an update on a daily basis. Others do it weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. So if you are having a problem with only your number showing up, it might be due to the local telco not doing adequate updates to their local CNUM daabase. Another way to look at it is that your name may show up in some localities but not others during the period between updates. ooma is aware of this and in fact is the source of my inforation. Roz has been researching and also is working with the 20 or so people who have been having problems.

So that's the answer to the mystery. Great Job Roz and ooma!
#9154 by RickO
Tue May 05, 2009 7:20 pm
Raz is the best. It's folks like her that make ooma great. She's been working with me on this problem for quite some time and I'm confident that this will be straightened out at some point.
The thing that is weird about my situation is that my name will show up occasionally on outgoing caller ID, but will disappear after a call or two.
#128895 by aegross
Sun May 03, 2015 10:34 am
Obviously an old thread. I am also having the same problem. I switched from a landline to Ooma and subsequently ported my phone number in December 2014. It's May 2015 and have had issues with outbound caller ID not appearing on and off. Now it's mostly off. Have filed a few support tickets with no firm resolution yet.

Anyone else still having this issue?

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